Assignment...For this post you are to comment about your experiment you completed (at home) on the topic you submitted below...If you did not complete an are to go to the website link below this paragraph watch a few videos and comment on 3 facts you learned from the videos on matter and energy.    Scroll down on page to find videos

For this week you can choose from one of the following topics to investigate...
1....Investigate how matter can change forms but the total amount of matter remains constant.


2....Describe how an object can have potential energy due to its position or chemical composition and can have kinetic energy due to its motion.

To investigate you are to design and create an experiment to demonstrate your chosen topic.  You can research to find appropriate experiments...All topics must be approved by me!

Part one of this assignment is to complete the form below describing your experiment.
raicharr w

i learned from this video that an ice cube and water in a glass have the same mass and the water does not change or have a shape.also i learned that a rubber band if u snap it back then it will go back to its original shape.also i learned that , for example your at a beach that is 30 ft long the water on the beach will stretch the 30 ft the same lenght of the beach.

Tesha S.

Water can be found in three different forms:liquid, gas, and solid states. Some gases are nitrogen, oxygen. Nobody can see gas but you can see that its there by things like the wind and when you boil water.

Kaytlyn T

I watched a video called states of matter and it was about liquid gas and solids the solids were shown as ice cubes and the liquid was shown as water and the gas was shown as steam and I learned that even though the all in different states of matter the all weigh the same.

Jordan P.

I learned from watching the videos is that the states of matter are made of atoms solid atoms are tightly packed together and nothing can get though them llike an ice cube. Liqued mater the atoms are not as tightly pact together but still come in contact with eachother often enough to have a shape to it like water. Vapor mater atoms are so fast that they don't come in contact often like steam.

Ricky D

I learned that the 4th state of matter is plasma.Nitrogen gas can emit a red-orange light.Water can evaporate into a gas and be frozen into a solid.

Niya M.

What I learned from watching a few videos is that converting from a gas to a solid is called Desublimation or Deposition.I also learned that water can occur in three states of matter:Solid, liquid and Gas.And the last fact I learned was that, Boiling is different from Evaporation in another way, while evaporation occurs at different tempatures each kind of liquid boils at a pacific tempature called its Boiling Point.


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