Grading Period 2 Week 6: Interpret Data -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
This week you are to create a graph of any set of data.  Once you create the graph, on graph paper, you are to comment on your graph in the comment section of this blog post.

  1. Create a line or bar graph using graph paper, you must have at least 8 points of data, choose any set of data you would like (10 points)
  2. Create a post describing the following....1. What you graphed 2. Are there any bias in your graph 3.  Make a prediction based on the graph you made. (5 points)
Ricky D
12/18/2011 22:02:30

I have graphed about the temperature in day and night.The graph doesn't include any bias at all. I think that on Thrusday,it will be about 37 degrees out.

Kaytlyn T
12/18/2011 22:12:44

I graphed the weather for the next 8 days in Cleveland Ohio.There is no bias in our graph A prediction for the graph is that the temperature on Tuesday will go lower or stay the same as Mondays temperature (35').

Jordan! P.
12/18/2011 22:13:05

1.Cleveland Ohio. 2.There is no bias in the graph. 3.The temperature will drop.

12/18/2011 22:51:28

I graphed a weather graph of the temperatures in Akron,OH. There are not any Bias in my graph. Based on my graph i think the next temperature will be Low about 20 degrees.

Cheyenne G.
12/18/2011 22:52:01

I graphed a weather graph of Akron,Ohio.NO,there aren't any bias in this graph.In Akron,Ohio there isn't much weather.It is more high then low,and that is good...

12/18/2011 22:54:11

I graphed akrons weather for 8 days.
there are no bias in my graph.
based on my graphs info i will make a prediction that it is gonna be cold all week and some snow showers so i going sledding hopefully of winter break

Logan W
12/18/2011 22:55:40

My graph was on Rome's weather.There are no bias it will keep going up

Deair W.
12/18/2011 22:57:46

I graphed what the weather is like.there bias in my graph.I predict that the weather on my graph will be the weather on the news...

Jevon C
12/18/2011 23:00:16

My graph is about Trash On The Beach it shows what trash you will most likely find when walking on a beach such as cigarettes,plastic,paper,wood,metal,glass,cloth,rubber, Styrofoam and other

12/18/2011 23:00:49

A Graph about Alaska . prediction its cold and there is no bias.

12/18/2011 23:41:49

my graph is on forecast and my graph has no bias and my prediction is that the weather will get so cold and then jump up to real high heats

Autumn S.
12/18/2011 23:43:06

My graph is on forecast and my graph don't have no bias and I predict that the weather will get real cold then warm.

tesha s.
1/17/2012 03:13:04

My graph is about population economically in Jamaica. There was no bias in my graph. My prediction is that there will be an increase in population over the next couple of years.


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