For this week please take a look at the different Climates across Earth.  For your assignment use Google earth to identify a location in each of the climate zones shown above and in Study Island this week.  Using what you see on Google Earth describe what type of landscape and plant life is seen.  Is this location in a grassland, forest, tundra, alpine or desert?  Then explain how its location on earth effects what the landscape looks like.

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Please post your answers on the blog site this week.  A successful post will include the following:

  1. Three location from three different climate zones
  2. A description of each landscape and what type of biome is there
  3. A brief sentences about why each location has the climate it does.

OH Grade 7, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences 8
Describe how temperature and precipitation determine climatic zones (biomes) (e.g., desert, grasslands, forests, tundra and alpine)
9/26/2011 12:29:04 am

Florida has a Temperate climate. It is very warm in Florida for most of the year and has many beaches. It is warmer in Florida because it is close to the equator.

Antarctica is in the Polar Region has very little life. Main reason there is very little life there is because it is so cold.

The Bahamas is a Tropical Region. The Bahamas is a island that is very warm and has palm trees and lot of plant and other life because it is so close to water it can support lots of life not even including the beach wild life

Logan W
9/26/2011 12:29:49 am

Rome has lots of farms it is a temperate region.
Alaska is a polar region it has no tress,some mountains.
Hawaii it has many tress, lots of mountains some volcanoes it is a tropical region

Jordan J
9/26/2011 12:32:11 am

Brooks Range, Alaska- Polar Climate Region
Hills, Low grass, no trees, mountains
Biome is a Tundra

San Francisco, California- Temperate Climate Region
Grass, Hills, trees, water
Biome is a Chapparal

Marrah Mountains, Africa- Tropical reigons
sand, shrubs, water, mountains
biome is a Savanna

Jevon C
9/26/2011 12:33:13 am

Honulu Hawaii,biome topical rain forest,zone tropical region.Honolulu Hawaii has big citys but it has a BIG tropical rain forest a lot of trees,high grass,long rivers,mountains and valcano's .tokyo,japan,biome temperate region.tokyo has a very big city it has little rain forest no mountains or trees.iran biome is temperate regoin,it has little plant life has no trees or rivers it is mostly desert.

Jessica H
9/26/2011 01:28:22 am

Serra Dos Gradaus Brizil
Hills ,grass,
Rejen tropicle
Tropicle rain forest Rejends

North Pole
Polor Reqends

Sqrirles Woods
Trees Bushes Grass
Temper Regends

9/26/2011 01:30:36 am

1.Paris has a temperate climate zone
2.trees ,building, houses ,water,boats
3.Paris,France has a temperate climate because it has a lot of water which helps grow trees

1.Tokyo,japan has a temperate climate
2.trees buildings ,swamps ,grass,roads
3.Tokyo has a temperate climate because it has water and makes changes throughout the year.

1.Anartica has a tundra climate
3.Antartica has a tundra climate because its is cold

David F.
9/26/2011 01:31:06 am

1.Denver,Colorado-Temperate Region
Biome is Chaparral
Denver has a lot of buildings and some what of grass and some ponds

2.Guanajuato,Mexico-Tropical Region
Grass,Mountains,Flat Plains
Biome is Savanna
Guanajuato has a lot of Mountains and Grass Lands and Flat Plains

Ricky D
9/26/2011 01:31:09 am

Brooks Range, Alaska-Polar Climate Region
very little grass, no trees, water, mountains, rivers
Brooks Range is a tundra because of little grass and little water.

Ireland,Temperate Climate Region
fields,grass,and trees.
Ireland is a temperate forest biome

9/26/2011 01:31:18 am

Canada- (Canadian shield) temperate climate, there are many trees in Canada because of the large body's of water, even though it can get cold most shrubs, trees etc. learned to adapt to that climate.

Australia-(Alice springs) Australia has a very hot and dry climate, but does have some lakes and streams, Australia is mostly flat with shrubs, and small rocks. Australia experiences seasonal cycle of rainy and dry seasons

Greenland- has a very cold climate, there is not many plant life. Greenland experiences long, cold winters and short, mild summers.

Sierra J
9/26/2011 01:32:08 am

1. Charlotte, North Carolina - Temperate Climate Zone
2. Trees, lakes, swamps, dirt
3. Charlotte is a Temperate Forest because there are seasons that change and in the fall leaves fall off the trees and during the winter they don't grow.

1. Sahara Dessert – Tropical Climate Zone
2. Sandy, Sunny
3. The Sahara Dessert is a Tropical Forest because it's very sandy, sunny, and dry and very little water.

dakota s
9/26/2011 01:32:44 am

north Dakota is in the temperate region .It has grass ,trees, rivers,mountains and rough terrain
north Dakota gets its resources from the rivers and creeks.
Is in the tropical region it is surrounded by ocean it has trees of all sorts,sand,and shrubs.
Hawaii has plenty of rain from the ocean but also gets natural disaster that changes up the climate

Jordan P.
10/1/2011 09:22:00 am

Alaska is a rather cold area becaus it is higher North. It can be very cold. Sometimes it can be completly coverd in snow.

Hawaii is a tropical island it has alot of wild life and plant life becaus of its warm tepetures and it's suply of water.

Mexico has lots of deserts and dry atmosphere becaus of it's close location to the equator. It has much dry land and little water.

10/3/2011 12:19:41 am

Tokyo japan tempered biome climate Antarctica polar climate Cancun tropical rain forest

Wesley G.
10/7/2011 01:56:40 am

1.Greenland-Polar climate zone
snowy,a lot ice

2.Florida-Tropical climate zone
trees,beaches,lots of water

3.Hong Kong-Temperate climate zone
buildings,trees poluted wter

10/27/2011 10:08:31 am

1.Puerto Rico - Tropical Region
Palm Tress

Biome is a Tropical Rainforest
Because the weather is hot and there is lots of water,this location is a Tropical Rainforest.

2.Antarctica - Polar Region

Biome is a Polar Region
Because of its cold ice air and mountains with snow and ice.

Akron,Ohio - Temperate Regoin

Biome is a Temperate Forest

Because of its trees,Buildings and places.


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