A citizen is a legal member of a country. All citizens have rights and responsibilities. All citizens should participate in the duties of being a good citizen.

  1. Using the information in Study Island...Compare and Contrast citizen's rights vs. citizen responsibilities.   Include at least 2 examples of each!
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K'ala Brewer
2/8/2012 02:35:41 am

The different between rights and responsibilitys is. RightS you can practice and religion. and have the right freedom of speech. And for responsibilitys for example you have to follows laws that are made. And every citizen has to pay taxes.

Tyler M
2/8/2012 04:14:10 am

citizens should always have a right to wat they have beleived in .no one could tell them wat they had to do or wat they half to say . sso that means you are a free person.

2/8/2012 09:24:33 am

Citizen's rights gives you Feedom of Religion,Speech,Press, and the Right to Petition,and Assemble. That means that you have a choice to do a Religion,or say what you want, or tell/write about any thing with out asking the government. The right to petition/assemable mean to ask the government to fix a certain problem and allow group to get together and protest.

Citizen's Responsibilities are laws that you have to follow like driving the speed limit,not injuring other people, littering,or stealing. Paying taxes is to run services for citizens. Serveing Jury is to help the Judicial system. Signing up for Selective Service is for men to fight in a war just in case the government needs him.

Max D.
2/9/2012 12:25:15 am

Rights and responsibilities are different, but have some simularity's.

Rights and responsibilities are both given by the goverment. also rights and responsibilities are both important for a good nation.

But rights are diffrent then responsibilities in the fact that responsibilities must be followed, whughl rights are a limite for your freedom. for example you have freedom of speech acording to your rights but your can not threaten peaple.

And that was a few exemples of how rights and responsibilities are different, but have some simularity's.

Izzy S
2/9/2012 12:58:37 pm

One citizens rights are Freedom to religion . Another right of citizens is Freedom of speech . One citizens responsibilities is paying taxes if your 18 or older . Another citizens responsibilities is if you a male , you have to sign a paper to where the US can draft you if needed in war . The citizens responsibilities are something you HAVE to do . The citizens rights are something that everyone is entitled to .

Emma S
2/10/2012 12:06:44 am

Citizen responsibilities is so different from the rights because citizens have their consequences and even more major then the rights. Like for example the responsibilities when you were a child you have to clean your room, do your chores and go to school. Rights are very different like you are allowed to do this and you are allowed to bring this. Voting is the right because you are stating your opinion with something especially for a political statement.

3/21/2012 03:05:53 am

Rights are what we are allowed to do.Such as freedom of speech, and freedom of petition. Responsibilities are certain things we have to do. Such as obey all laws, and pay taxes. Rights and responsibilities are determined by the government.


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