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Research, using a credible news source, a current science topic in the news.  Topics might include....
  • Technology
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Medical technology/research
  • Wildlife
  • weather (large scale not daily weather reports)
  • Astronomy
  • Space Travel
  • many many more
Assignment, answer in comment section...

  1. copy and paste link for the article
  2. summarize article in 5-7 sentences
  3. Describe the impact of this scientific advancement
  4. Include your own opinion on the topic

Tyler P. , David B
5/21/2012 02:45:27

Chrysler is recalling nearly 87,000 Jeep Wranglers in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere due to a risk of fires.Debris can get caught between a plate that protects the transmission and the catalytic converter, causing a fire. A catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system and uses heat and precious metals to control pollution.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also checked Wranglers from the 2007 through 2012 model years and determined that only the 2010 models had the debris problem. Mayne said the 2010 Wranglers had a transmission plate and catalytic converter that were configured differently than the Wranglers from the other model years.

NHTSA said in documents that it had received 14 complaints of Wrangler fires from the other model years, but Mayne said there was no pattern or common cause in those fires

Chrysler is criticized because these problems with the 2010 Jeep Wrangler.

A-lot of people will lose there cars and Chrysler will have to make up of this problem, giving people there money back or a new jeep wrangler.

5/21/2012 02:59:05

This Article Tells How The Amount Of Teenagers With Diabetes And Borderline Diabetics Have Gone Up In The Past Few Years . Many Kids Are Eating Very Unhealthy Foods , And It's Leading To This Disease . Some Parents Are Not Around Much To Control What The Kids Are Eating , And The Kids Don't Even Realize The Long Term Affects Of Eating Bad Food . One In Four Americans Adolescents May Be On The Verge Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes Or Could Already Be Diabetic .
While It Was Confirmed That Teenage Obesity & Overweight Rates Had Leveled Off In Past Years , And That Teenage Rates Of High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol Had Not Changed Much , It Found That The Percentage Of Teenagers Testing Positive For Diabetes And Prediabetes Had Nearly Tripled To 23 Percent In 2007-8 From 9% In 1999-2000 .

5/21/2012 02:59:21

Drinking coffee may reduce the risk of death from heart disease, stroke and even infections
Scientists have long puzzled over the notion that a stimulant could provide a health benefit. “There’s been a concern for a long time” that coffee could even be detrimental
Since the study volunteers weren’t randomly assigned to drink coffee or not
During a median follow-up of 13.6 years, people who drank two or more cups of coffee per day were 10 to 16 percent less likely to have died than nondrinkers
women who drank six cups of coffee per day had a 15 percent reduced risk of death compared with nondrinkers,
while men consuming that much had only a 10 percent reduced risk.
More than two cups a day seemed to offer some protection against death due to heart disease

archai nd branden
5/21/2012 03:01:52

this artical is about poisonous frog. it explains how it gets its poison, and how/when it can kill you.

5/21/2012 03:37:51

When you buy a booster seat you have to make sure that they are ok with experts first before you use them. You also have to make sure that they fit your car too. Booster seats are good for students ages 4-8. It helps keep the protected in case of a car accident. It is better to have a guidance to help you buy the best booster seat.
IMPACT- Helps keep children safer.
Opinion- I think this is kinda false, I think you should get the booster seat that works best for you not the experts.

Jordan J.
5/21/2012 03:41:30

3 days ago eclipse tours were arranged at schools and parks around Asia, along with Taiwan and China. Also in Reno, Nev. and Oakland, Cal. In Tokyo such an eclipse hasn't existed for centuries. The eclipse lasted an astonishing 3 & 1/2 hours. Some doctors advised wearing sun protection for the event.

5/21/2012 03:43:20

This article is about the theory of drinking coffee, makes you live longer.
This is not 100% proved yet. They are still doing studies. The're some things in coffee that could cause an increase in a rate of a person's health.

Marissa T
5/21/2012 03:45:27

Obesity has jumped the percentages since 1970 the percentages were 20, now they're 30%. A man who didn't even know what a calorie was, began studying up on calories, and obesity. For a(n) interview the person in charge asked what mathematics had to do with obesity. The man replied that instead of running experiments that would that would take many years to conduct, they could just do the math..

Josh T
5/21/2012 03:47:22
This article is about global warming causing severe thunderstorms. The3y say it causes flooding, trees falling over, and trash in the yard.
This topic causes many debates and is pointless.
I don't believe global warming causes this, but it is just what happens naturally.

K'ala B & jada B.
5/21/2012 03:47:32

This is the website we were on

1. Approaching Asteroid May Get Close Enough to Smash Satellites.The topic is about that a asteroid that is 150 feet wide is closer to the earth on a regular basis.It says the based on the current projections the asteroid can get close enough to the earth that it can disrupt the orbiting satellites In February 15 2013. NASA currently estimates that the likelihood of the asteroid striking Earth anytime in the next several decades is 0.031 percent—a figure that will be refined after astronomers collect data on its close pass next February.Figuring out the risk will depend on precisely how close the asteroid comes to Earth in February. That's because the closer it gets to the earth, the more the pull of Earth's gravity will change the asteroid's orbit, adding to the uncertainty of the predictions.Still, if the asteroid were to hit land, the impact of the 140,000-ton rock would release energy equivalent to a 2.4-megaton explosion, Chodas and other NASA scientists have calculated.That puts the space rock in the same class as the 1908 Tunguska blast, a mysterious event, likely tied to an asteroid or comet, in which hundreds of square miles of forest in Siberia were leveled.But if the space rock landed in the ocean it would create a tsunami but they say it probably wont be big.I think that It would be bad if the asteroid would hit satellites because we need them for important reason like communication and other things.

5/21/2012 04:25:13

recycling is an scientific method if we didnt have recycling there will be piles and piles of trash over the united states, recycling is a scientific method because its uses magnets and other science things. alexis and jermaine thinks that recycling is good and more people should do it to, to help our enviroment

5/21/2012 04:27:17

the sony playstation 3 has a number of unique features that make It particlarly suited for scientific computation.

The ps3 is a open platform which means that one can run a different system software on it as march 2010 this is no longer true for example powerpc linux next it has a revolutionary processor called the cell processor which was developed by sony, lbm and toshiba.

This processor has a main cpu (called the ppe) and several six (6) for the ps3) special compute engines (called spes) available for raw computation.

Moreover, each spe performs vector operations, which implies that they can compute on multiple data, in a single step (simd) finally, its incredibly low cost make it very attractive as a scientific computing node as part of a compute cluster

In fact, its highly plausible that the raw computing power-per-dollar that the ps3 offers, is significantly higher than anything else on the market today.

jordon wiggins
5/21/2012 04:28:05

my story is about:Launching of Rocket by SpaceX Is Aborted

they say that the engine was not working right so they aborted it.

i think tht it was a good idea because it could have been a safey hazerd

5/21/2012 04:28:23

This Paragragh Is About Scientest Saving Are Animals

The scientists injected animals with 50 or 100 nanograms of the growth factor every other day for five days. The level of signaling molecules that promote inflammation decreased while the level of signaling molecules that counter inflammation increased. Neural cells grew and nerves laid bare by MS were rewrapped with myelin. The 100-nanogram injections appeared to provide slightly better recorvery.

Are Oppion Is That We Think That It Is Good That They Are Saving The Animals because We Need Animals Surive In All Diffrent Ways So I Give Them High Fives For Treating Them .

Dajon D.
5/22/2012 12:54:08


2. in the European heart journal opens up the prospect of treating heart failure patients with their own human induced stem cells to repair their damaged hearts.The researchers were warn that there are a number of things to overcome before it would be possible to use hiPSCs in humans.HiPSCs have cardiomyocytes that will not be rejected for transplantation into the same patients from which they were given.

3.the impact of scientific advancement is patients skin sells can be turned into heart and muscle cells to repair their damaged hearts.

4.My opinion on the topic is this project will help save many people with heart problem and i think this is a good research.

5/28/2012 04:52:53

Facebook wants to make their own phone so they can just take it with them wherever they want. They want to put on their own stuff instead of just having an app. For example they can go to their own Facebook page and bring it wherever they want it to go. They can send messages, post it right away instead of waiting to go home. But my opinion I don't think that is a great idea but that is my opinion.


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