Week 7: Causes of the Civil War -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
There were many causes leading up to the civil war.  

"By the early 1800s, the North and the South were developing very different ways of life. These differences, including the debate over slavery, states' rights, and differing economic and social goals, were ultimately the cause of the American Civil War."

Assignment: Choose one of the following causes of the civil war that are described in Study Island...
-Slavery and Sectionalism
-The Missouri Compromise
-Webster-Hayne Debate and the Nullification Debate
-Compromise of 1850
-Fugitive Slave Act
-John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

In this blog post do the following for the cause you choose...
  1. Include a description of the event in 5 or more sentences (5 points)
  2. Write a description on how the north viewed this event (2.5 points)
  3. Write a description on how the south viewed this event (2.5 points)
  4. In 2-3 sentences write your own view on this event/how you feel about it (2.5 points)
  5. Your writing should be well organized and have few spelling errors ...includes a description of where you found your information....for example, Study Island, Wikipedia, ect. (2.5 points)

Blake S.
10/12/2011 02:42:50

The Civil War was mostly caused by Slavery and Sectionalism. The North had an Industrial Society. The North used paid labor because of their society. The South had an Agricultural Society. The South used slave labor because of their society. The North didn't like the South using slave labor. The South didn't care what the North thought, the South wanted slavery. I personally don't like slavery, I think it's wrong. Because it's wrong to make people work for you. Study Island.

Shawnda J.
10/12/2011 02:58:21

One of the causes of the Civil War was slavery and sectionalism.Slaves were paid very little for they're hard work.The North and South had different points of view on things.The north did not agree on slavery.The South did agree on slavery.The North and South then went to war to try and settle they're difference's.I feel that no one should be judged on the color of they're skin.Every person should have equal right's.

Tanaya D>
10/12/2011 02:59:32

One cause of slavery was the cotton grin when the cotton grin was invented by Eli Whitney the southern farmers needed more slaves when they started growing cotton.The South and North had very different views on slavery.The north had an economy based on industry and agriculture which utilized paid labor.While the south's economy was just based on agriculture which used mostly slave labor.If i had to choose between the south or the north.I would choose the north because in the north there are no slaves and all because you had a different color of skin they didn't make you become someone's property.I found all my information from Study Island.

jordon w
10/12/2011 03:02:28

in 1820 the Missouri compromise act passed of the 22 states of the union in 1818 11 were free and 11 were slaves this created
an equal balance and the south felt that they should be freed since the people in the north were free and the north should`nt have felt bad because the were already free

Steven R.
10/12/2011 03:10:58

John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry
It was on October 16, 1859, It was abolitionist John Brown Was the leader raid at a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia.John had the idea of stealing weapons from the arsenal and giving them to slaves.The North did not like john idea he like the slaves doing the work for them not them doing it.The south loved the idea.I though it was a good idea to do it casue its not cool at all for them

10/12/2011 03:11:50

(The Compromise Of The 1850's)

The Compromise was greeted with relief, And each side disliked Specific Provisions.,

California was entered as a free state. New Mexico and Utah were each allowed to use popular sovereignty to decide the issue of slavery. The republic of Texas gave up lands that it claimed in present day, New Mexico received $10 million to pay its debt to Mexico.

jordon w
10/12/2011 03:12:18

in 1820 the Missouri compromise anct passed of the 22 states of the union in 1818 11 were free and 11 were slaves this created on balance. the south probably flet kinda bad because the were slaves and in the north weren't but the north probably didnt feel bad because they were
already free and i think that is would feel bad because i was a slave and the people in the north weren't

jada b
10/12/2011 03:12:40

Missouri Compromise

1.Missouri compromise was an agreement between the pro slavery and the anti slavery.House of representatives refused to accept the compromise.The U.S senate refused to concur in the amendment.Before the bill was returned to the house another amendment was adapted.A bill to enable people of the Missouri territory to draft a constitution.

2.They didnt want slavery in the new states

3.they wanted to make slavery in the new states.

4.i think that slavery shound not be legal at all.they shouldnt work people that dont wont to be worked.

5.wikipedia,study island

Nathan L.
10/12/2011 03:13:11

Mississippi was add to the slave state in 1817 Illinois was add as a free state in 1818 Alabama was add as a slave state in 1819 at that time the number of slave and free states was equally. At the time, the United States contained twenty-two states, evenly divided between slave and free.Missouri was being organized as a territory.Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine (formerly part of Massachusetts) as free, and (2) except for Missouri, slavery was to be excluded from the Louisiana Purchase lands

I think the slavery shouldn't have existed.I think all the states should been free but the north did not like the one states being in slavery.

Dajon D.
10/12/2011 03:13:33

The Nullification Crisis ordinance declared by the power of the state that the federal tariff of 1828 and 1832 were unconstitutional and therefore null and void within the sovereign boundaries of South Carolina.The nation had suffer economic throughout the 1820's.Great pacificator , Henry Clay compromise that he could solve the threat's against South Carolina.On july 14 1832 Calhoun resigned office in order to run for senate.Jackson signed into law since 1832.

2.The north recived the support.

Tyler M
10/12/2011 03:54:06

In 1850 Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law.the cause was that if a federal marshal was to arrest a runaway slave, he could be fined for $1000. people would think that if one of the federal marshals would arrest a runaway that they souldnt of gotin a warant. if a slave would get captured they would not ask for a jury or a lawer.Those officers capturing a fugitive slave were going to have a fee and this encouraged some officers to kidnap free Negroes and sell them to slave-owners.

South wanted more slave states.

North wanted to reduce the amount of slave states and to stop slavery.

I think that people should not judge other people of different skin color. the whites would make the African Americans life's miserable.

i got all my info from Study Island and Wekepedia

Max D.
10/12/2011 03:57:22

John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry was also known as John Brown's raid. On October 16, Brown set out for Harpers Ferry with 21 men.they walked all night in heavy rain reaching the town at 4am.They cut telegraph wires then made their assault. First they captured the federal armory and arsernal. They then captured Hall's Rifle Works a supplier of weapons to the government.

I think the north was happy for we were starting to fight for the slaves.

I also thing that the north would have not been happy because of this event for the same reason.

I think that the battle was a good thing for we were fighting for the slaves

I got all my information from study island,and Wikipedia.

Anthony .K
10/12/2011 03:58:13

The fugitive slave act is a law that was passed so that any officials we did not help find a runaway slave would be fined $1,000 dollars it was passed for the reason of the slaves kept escaping from the north.

From the point of view from the south we must fine any official that does not assist in capturing slaves because then we will give them an incentive to help

From the point of view from the north why should we care about whether or not the slaves come here or not if the want to be free well then let them be free.

From my point of view I don't care about there opinions what I care about is when there going to free the slaves

Found info at study island

Tricia B.
10/12/2011 04:03:26

Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise settled some of the argument over the spread of slavery.
Southern states wanted slavery allowed in new states, while northern states disagreeing the expansion of slavery.
The compromise also made slavery illegal in the Louisiana Territory north of Missouri's southern border.
Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine was admitted as a free state.

I got my information from Study Island.

David R
10/12/2011 04:06:37

The fugitive slave act in 1850 was passed so that the slaves that were in the north were to be captured and brought back to the south.

Not many people did anything about the law to have slaves

Slaves wanted to escape to Canada from North America

In 1850 the bill was passed

many people were for the anti slavery

The north didnt much agree on the slavery as much as the south

The south wanted there slaves returned

I think that the slaves should be freed and shouldn't have to work for nothing

The slaves shouldn't be sold

I found my information pbs.com

Also fugitiveslaveact.com

Jordan B.
10/12/2011 04:09:53

The Fugitive Slave Act

The Fugitive Slave Act was passed by the U.S congress on September 18, 1850, as a part of the compromise of 1850 between the north and the south.In 1843, several hundred slaves a year successfully escaped to the North. Even after this act was passed, if you were free in the north and you got caught by a slave catcher, you could be brought back down to the south, and be put back into slavery.

The north was not happy about the law. They thought if they escaped to the north then they were free. But some thing were understood. If you did escape, and did not have your papers then you absolutely had to be brought back down. The papers said that you were a former slave, but you were free.

The south did not care, if you were caught by a slave catcher, and you had papers, the were aloud to rip, or burn your freedom papers. In there point of view, slaves were savages and they didn't care.

In my view anybody should be treated that way. I couldn't even imagine being sold to somebody or being taken away from my mom. Being outside in the blazing heat all day picking cotton and cutting sugar cane and being whipped for no reason.

google.com Wikipedia.com

Cody N
10/12/2011 04:16:53

Slavery and Sectionalism

During the 1800 the north and the south were having problems. The north wanted to cut down on slavery and wanted new lands not to be slave states. The south wanted more slaves and the north didn't like that idea. So they started a war with each other and that's how the civil war was started.

I agree with the north because i don't think slavery is needed. its just wrong to make other people do stuff for you and tortture them for not obeying the rules.

i got my ideas and work form americanhistory.about.com

shayne marie h.
10/12/2011 04:17:42

The Missuri compramise is about slavery,in the 1820's.so basicly Henry Clay allowed Misouri to be a slave state.The compramise made up an amaginary line that divides the new louisiana territory into two arias,one north and one south,but everyone that was on the north side became free,and everyone of the north aria was told to take all of the runnaway slaves back to there owners in the south aria.

10/12/2011 04:47:12

One issue of the Slavery and Sectionalism regional and economic differences between North and South slavery Resenting the large profits by Northern businessmen from marketing the cotton crop, Southerners attributed the backwardness of their own section to the Northern. on the other hand declared that slavery was peculiar institution and the South regarded as essential to its economy was responsible for the region's relative backwardness. i feel that no one should have ever been slaves.

i found my information on http://www.history.com and videos about the subject im working on

david b
10/12/2011 04:52:03

Part 1

The slave and Sectionalism is when the north and south were very different in the years before the Civil War. The north was more an industrial society that utilized paid labor. While the south was more like an agricultural society that used mostly slave labor. The north did not believe in slavery . But the south thought it was good idea.

Part 2

The north viewed the event as that the south should not have slavery.

Part 3

The south thought that slavery was good because they did not have to all the hard work.


I think the south shoud have not done slavery and done the work themselfs,And the north should have done more about that.

Part 5

I found my information in studt island.

Matthew P.
10/12/2011 04:53:21

in 1859 John brown led a raid in the arsenal of the Harpers ferry. He did it to steel weapons and then give them to slaves. He hoped the slaves were going to start a rebellion for there freedom. The raid failed and John was captured and executed.
The north probably viewed this as a bad event because it had failed, but if it happened the would have loved it because they are based on free labor not slave labor.
The south most likely liked it because they ended up capturing and executing him be for he could ever do it, but if he had succeeded then they would have hated it because they are based on slave labor.
My point of view of it is that if it had succeeded then i would like it but sense it didn't then i don't like it.

Emma S
10/12/2011 04:54:10

In 1830 and 1860 slavery and separation started. Over 46,274 planters owned 20 slaves each. Slaves had to plant plenty of cotton and vegetables by old fashion ways. Only rich families that are white have slaves and poor families have no slaves.The slaves couldn't do anything to fix it.They were doomed out of their wits.The North denied slavery because of many problems and wrong things they do. The South was against it. So they went to war with it.

10/12/2011 04:57:08

I Chose Fugitive Slave Act. . .(FSA)
FSA was passed by the united states on September 18th,1850.The FSA was one of the most controversial acts of the 1850 compromise and heightened northern fears of a slave power conspiracy.In 1843 , 700 slaves escaped to the north and made slavery an unstable institution in the border states..After 1840, the black population of rural Cass country,Michigan grew rapidly as families started attracting white defiance of discriminatory laws by numerous highly supportive Quakers,and by low cost land.
The North View!
My View..
I would want the slaves to have freedom. I wouldn't want to work for anyone and be beaten and told what to do..I wouldn't be to pleased for slaves not having their share and being set on a white mans time..
My Source..
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugitive_Slave_Act_of_1850Cached - Similar
In 1850 the measurement enlisted the northern citizens in the process of returning fugitive slaves,imposing severe penalties for the fugitive slaves who refused to return.
The South..
The south liked it because the act forced every US citizen to be a slave catcher...

Kala B.
10/12/2011 05:00:45

I am learning about the Fugitive slave act and what it was about.The Fugitive Slave Act was passed as part of the compromise in 1850, and the this act established a $1000 fine to be placed in law officials for those who did not help capture or return slaves.The reason why this act was passed because the slaves were escaping to the north and these people had no effort to capture and return the slaves to their owners.It declared that all runaway slaves be brought back to their masters. Abolitionists nicknamed it the "Bloodhound Law" for the dogs that were used to track down runaway slaves. And in the 1843 several hundred slaves a year successfully escaped to the North.The north view this act by reporting suspected runaways, on pain of a fine, and this caused many more people to take an interest in Abolitionism.And the north really didn't really care because they don't like slavery.The south view this act by supporting it because it required northerners to return any runaway slaves to their masters in the south.I don't agree about slavery because I don't like it and I don't like how they are treated like nothing and are forced to to do things.And I don't agree about this act because you are fined if you don't return slaves back tot their masters and they should get to do whatever they want to do just like us.

kayla l
10/12/2011 05:01:46

the Missouri Compromise was an agreement passed in 1820 between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery.it prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana Territory. prior to the agreement the House of Representatives had refused the agreement. Missouri was admitted as a slave state.Maine was know as a free state.

north view: the Missouri compromise should had not been refused.

south view: the Missouri compromise should had been refused.

i think that the compromise should had not been refused.

i found my information on wikipedia and Study Island.

Jordan J
10/12/2011 05:02:06

Slavery and Sectionalism:

The north did not want slavery because they had no use for it.Because they didn't have farms or plantations.

The south thought there should be slaves because they didn't want to pay people to work on their farms.

I don't think their should be slaves because it is wrong.You should not be able to own another person.In the Declaration of Independence it is illegal.

Rashed B
10/12/2011 05:03:12

One of the issues was the economics differences between the north and the south. south was the slavery having the large profits and stuff.only a minority of southern whites owned slaves. In the 1860s there were 46,274 planters throughout the slave-holding states.The reason why they didn't free the slave is because they was scared that blacks would battle for land and stuff like that. The north didn't view slavery as a good thing because they depended on themselves.The south wanted slavery for there work on that farm stuff and they didn't want to do it. I'm black so of course i didn't like slavery if i was there back then I'll be getting whipped.

Izzy S
10/13/2011 01:50:48

Slavery & Sectionalism .
This happened before the Civil War . Cotton was a big thing grown in Southern states . Slave labor was used to gather it . A man named Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin . Because the NOrth and South disagreed on this subject , it led to sectionalism .
The North had paid labor . They thought slavery was wrong . Therefore , they were upset with the North and thought this was wrong . The South thought that what they were doing was right , and were happy about making all the money . I think that slavery was wrong . The cotton gin was a good idea , but the North was better with the paid labor . I just think that the South should have made paid labor , then there would be no sectionalism .

- Study Island .


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