Social Studies....Current event -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station.

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 5-7 sentences
  4. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article. (this should be what you think...opinion!)
  5. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:
2/29/2012 01:53:36 am

▬North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities▬
The joint announcement Wednesday by the two nations comes little more than two months after the death of longtime ruler Kim Jong Il, and suggests North Korea has met the key U.S. preconditions for restarting multi-nation disarmament-for-aid talks that the North withdrew from in 2009. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called North Korea suspension of nuclear activities a "modest first step" but also "a reminder that the world is transforming around us."She told a Senate hearing that the North has agreed to a moratorium on nuclear activities at Yongbyon, including uranium enrichment activities, and will allow International Atomic Energy inspectors to verify and monitor it, and to confirm disablement of its nuclear reactor and associate facilities. so pretty much like mr.reese said we can have missiles but u cant. so hahahah korea.

Randy L.
2/29/2012 01:55:37 am

My article was "Violence in Western China Leaves 20 Dead". Tensions between Uighur & Tibetan ethnicity in a western, desert-type area west of China. The casualties of the incident are 20 dead, and many others injured. The incident happened in Yecheng, where the majority ethnically are the Uighur, a Turkish-type religion which mainly practice Sunni Islam. The fighting broke about at 6 p.m. on Tuesday night.
I think that the fighting between the two were beyond unnecessary. The two groups should just put their differences aside and be civilized human beings, or at least that is my opinion.

Kala B.
2/29/2012 01:57:41 am

The story that i picked.....

A tornado that blew from the Rockies on Tuesday at 1 am in Missouri in Branson that killed 13 people.The tornado ruined hotels and restuarants and theater that were really old.The were so many debris everywhere is going to cost millions to fix.The tornado seemed to target the city's main strip, movin down the entertainmennt district, right through the convention center,and went through the lake and then the tornado went to the housing division.The tornado caused alot of destruction and theres going to be alot of ficking up to do.

My opinion.....
I think that its going to take a while till everything get better.And its always sad that people die during the tornado that they probably weren't expecting.

The link that i went to...

Marissa T.
2/29/2012 01:59:32 am

The article that I read was about this years Leap Day.
Leap day occurs every four years. A man named Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. stated that if there wasn't a Leap Day, our calender, our days and months and possibly even years would be completely out of the ordinary. In the article it also states that the Earth doesn't circle the sun exactly 365 days of the year, instead it takes 365.2425 days a year to circle., therefore those extra numbers do not add up quite right, so, four is isn't quite right for a Leap Year.
I think that the way Julius Caesar had the calendar made up, wasn't quite right, but it was still on track just by a little bit. Things that lead me to this was the fact that: He was adding on too many days for a Leap Year and taking off too many, sometimes causing Easter to slip back into Winter by 10 days.

Nathan L.
2/29/2012 03:18:37 am

how to beat blackout.
When it comes to travel it's not just about location it is also about timing.
the veteran travelers know tweaking and itinerary by as little as 24 hours.
In recent years blackout dates have been a classic good news bad news for airline members While many airlines and branded credit cards.
in boasted of the elimination of blackouts and this news has been widely reported.
holidays and In fact the many cases it's harder as airlines.
In some cases airline blackout dates remain very much in effect or they require additional mileage on certain days.
that is what i thank and what i read so thanks.
and here's the website i got this information?

Anthony R. jordon wiggins
2/29/2012 03:33:45 am
1.Face book will end March of 2012.
3.Mark Zukerburg will be ending the social network face book because he said its out of control.He said he doesn't care about the money he just want his normal life back.He thinks if he shuts down facebook people will be more active.Parents think that this is the best for their kids.
I think its for the best.I think people will find reasonable things to do for their spare time.

2/29/2012 03:43:47 am

In Cleveland at Chardin High School one boy got so mad he shot three students because he was tired of people bullying him. This can be hard for his parents and himself. My opinion is very sad that he decided to do that. This was a bad example of how you deal with the bullies that you get annoyed. My mom told me most kids usually suicide themselves or they hurt themselves because they are so mad. You can do something about it like TELL! or first try to ignore. Also this you can think of something like it happen to school in a rich community. That means that school is an unknown.That nobody knows that will happen. Like inner city school has protection but that school thinks that they are better than that. Now I think everybody should think of protection and the same things of the inner city school.

Anthony Kapilovic
2/29/2012 04:00:49 am

My article was about venus fly traps it told me what type of climate they live in and what there eating habits consist of for instantsthey can eat from a large ant to lizards or a salamander or even a large frog.
my reaction to this was not very surprised I kind of knew what they were going to tell me because I have raised Venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants for almost five years, The articles name is venus fly trap and I found it at wikipedia

Izzy S
2/29/2012 04:05:28 am

Last fall , an Akron man was scared off by a lady who fired a pistol because he attacked her . He was sentenced to 12 years in prison last Wednesday . His name is Billy Joe Covington , and he's 23 . He was sentenced by Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tom Teodosio on charges of robbery , escape and attempted kidnapping . In addition to his sentence , Covington was ordered to register his address as a sex offender for 25 years .The situation took place outside an Arlington Road bank . Police reported that Covington struck the 39-year-old woman , who works as a truck sales company office manager , after she left the bank and was walking to get in her vehicle . During the struggle , the woman was able to reach her gun and fire it in the air . At the time , Covington was a registered sex offender on court records . He was paroled from a state prison in May after serving nearly 18 months for a conviction in Stark County of gross sexual imposition against a woman .

I think that the man should not have been sentenced to 12 years in prison . I think that he should have been sentenced to about 1 year so that the prison can have room for more serious cases , such as a convicted murderer .

david b / Branden H
2/29/2012 04:09:27 am

At sunday at midnight found a meth lab and a dead 17 mouth baby in the home. The mother and three other men was arrseted. Child's Autopsy findings were pending. The two story home was evacuated and cops found piles of toys clothes and garbage bags in the biulding.Next door nighbore came home from a pool ternament at a friends house and saw 8 cop cars out side his nighbore house. He also said why would you put deadly chemicals in your body .

we think that the women should stay in jail and fellow guy friends. And we think it is wrong to do drugs.

2/29/2012 04:11:48 am

17-month-old Patrick Nicholas Lerch, was pronounced dead at 11:17 p.m at Akron Children’s Hospital. His mother also was taking him to her boyfriends house that was a meth lab. A medical examiner’s, Justin Benner, reported finding “apparent bruising” on the child’s body in the hospital’s emergency room. Her and her son also where living at a homeless shelter for several months. Patrick's mother left there home in South Carolina to get away from her abusive boyfriend.

I think this story is sad because the 17 month old child died. The mothers boyfriend should go to jail.

kayla lybrook
2/29/2012 04:13:24 am

The teenager suspected in an Ohio school shooting that killed three students may have used a gun that disappeared from his grandfather’s barn. The gun was noticed missing after Monday's shooting and also fits the description of the pistol that reportedly was used to kill three students and wound two others at Chardon High School, said Carl Hendersen. Carl Hendersen is a retired police officer and former Geauga County sheriff, and also long time neighbor of the grandparents of the suspect T.J. Lane. The official, who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, said Lane told authorities he stole gun from his uncle. It wasn’t clear Wednesday whether the gun might have been the same one missing from the grandfather’s barn. The grandparents feel terrible about what happen and have no explanation for the teen’s alleged role in the shootings.

My response to the summary and the article is that i think that student sould have more after school programs to help the students.

Jordan B. Tyler M.
2/29/2012 04:13:37 am

On the morning of Monday February 27, 2012 in Chardon, Ohio. 17 year old T.J Lane opened fire in the cafeteria of Chardon High school, at a group of kids sitting at the cafeteria table. He hit 5 kids. One is dead and three are wounded. Recent reports confirm that the other two kids that were wounded, have passed away And the fifth one is back home, and healing. T.J Lane is now awaiting his trial, and is currently being held in federal custody.

Jordan's opinion - I think this story is very tragic. T.J should receive the repercussions that he deserves, that is 3 counts of first degree murder, and life in prison. Now they are still investigating. We don't know yet if he is insane or what. Then the outcome should be different, but still severe.

Tyler's opinion- i think that T.J shouldn't of went that far for what had happened i think he should of told some one of the problems he has been having.

We found this article at-

2/29/2012 11:52:43 am

I read: 3 young lives lost, countless others forever changed in Chardon High School shootings. This artical was about a shooting that happened monday at Chardon high school. Five people were shot, three of those people lost their lives, the other two are recovering. When i first heard about this horrible event I was shocked. I don't believe that counsiling at these high schools are helping these students, they need someone who knows what they are going through and has been through it, not someone who studied about it. This artical states ways they can do something to help and if they will help.

Taylor H.
3/14/2012 02:50:38 am

The third branche of the government is the legislative branch: Congress is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives, makes the laws and sets taxes, there are two senators from each state, the number of House representatives depends on a state's population, big states get more representatives than small states.


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