Answer the following questions in the comment section....
  1. What were two major influences in human migration in the U.S. during the 1800's (5 points)
  2. Name two places that had high numbers of immigration during the 1800's and why (5 points)
  3. Name two groups of people that migrated to the U.S. during the 1800's and where did they migrate to (5 points)
Take a look at how American grew in size during the 1800's.  As transportation improved, people began to spread out to different settlements across the US.

Human settlements vary in location, size, and function. Some of the main focuses of settlements are creating economic, transportation, communications, and government systems. Where cities are located usually has a great deal to do with both physical and human characteristics

  1. Read the first section of this article on Akron (click on Akron to access the link)
  2. What made Akron a good choice for a settlement? (5 points)
  3. What caused population to increase in this area so much during the early 1900's (5 points)
  4. Take a look at a map of Ohio...what do you think made Cincinnati and Cleveland such good locations for settlements? (5 points)
  5. Post in the comment section...use complete sentences!

Standard OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard Geography 1 Compare places and regions in the United States as they existed prior to 1877 with the same places and regions today to analyze changes in land use and population, political, social and economic characteristics.

The word culture can often be used in reference to the practices and customs of a particular group of people. For example, art, religion, social customs, food, and language are all parts of culture. The United States has a very unique and diverse culture, and has often been called a "melting pot" because people from all around the world have migrated to the U.S. to live and work

Assignment...Create a post in the comment section including the following

  1. Describe in 3 or more sentences your families' culture.  Consider special events, holidays, religion, social customs, food, and any other things that make your family unique. (5 points)
  2. In 2 or more sentences write about how your family, all though unique, shares similar traits and customs with other Americans. (5 points)
  3. Response is more than 5 sentences (5 points)

Standard OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard People in Societies 6
Explain how the diverse peoples of the United States developed a common national identity.

Diversity has played an important part in the history of the United States. Even though there are many different types of people living in this country, not all of them have always been treated equally. 

This could be seen clearly in the following events in US history...
  • Indian Removal Act
  • Nineteenth Amendment
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Jim Crow Laws
Assignment...Select one of the topics above for discussion on your post this week and include the following.

  1. List and summarize (describe) your topic...answer the question what is it?  (5 points)
  2. When and Where did this take place...(include year, and location, city/state/country/region. (2.5 points)
  3. Who were the cultural groups involved (for example, White Adult Americans and African American Adults)...this can include nationalities, race, adults, children, gender and so on. (2.5 points)
  4. What did these groups disagree on. (2.5 points)
  5. Post in the comment section, any format will work as long as all parts of the assignment are addressed (2.5 points)

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard People in Societies 2
Describe and explain the social, economic and political effects of:
  1. Stereotyping and prejudice;
  2. Racism and discrimination;
  3. Institutionalized racism and institutionalized discrimination.
Assignment is below the video...
The video above discusses Lincoln's legacy and assassination, an assassination that occurred just as the Civil War had ended.

However, just because the war was over, it did not mean that the issues that divided America had gone away.  This was a time period called "Reconstruction" simply saying that our nation needed our ideas and foundation reconstructed or rebuilt.

Southern states still hated northerners, many places still had slaves, and our nation was still divided. Congress, the Presidency, and our Judicial System set out to fix many of these issues

In your post this week complete the following:
  1. Read the Study Island lesson on Reconstruction
  2. Select 3 acts, amendments, court cases, or laws discussed in the Study Island lesson
  3. For each of the 3 please describe what it was, explain how it helped bring Americans together (or if it tore them apart), and if it  is still in effect today.
  4. This should be well organized and submitted in the comment section
  5. If you use information from another source besides Study Island...cite it!

Week 8: Civil War

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This week take a look at the leaders of the Civil War mentioned in Study Island and written below.  Your job is to write a dialog (or conversation) between the a leader from the Union Leaders and a leader from the Confederate Leaders.

Topic for dialog: Each leader should talk about their views and roles in the Civil War.

Dialog should be at least 5 lines per Leader.

Example of Dialog (this example would is 1 line per Leader):
Lincoln: My name is Abraham Lincoln and was President during the civil war
Robert E. Lee: This is Robert E Lee leader of the Confederate Army.
and so on...........
Union Leaders:
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. George McClellan
  3. George Meade
  4. Ulysses S. Grant
  5. William Tecumseh Sherman

Confederate Leaders:
  1. Jefferson Davis
  2. Robert E. Lee
  3. Thomas Stonewall Jackson
There were many causes leading up to the civil war.  

"By the early 1800s, the North and the South were developing very different ways of life. These differences, including the debate over slavery, states' rights, and differing economic and social goals, were ultimately the cause of the American Civil War."

Assignment: Choose one of the following causes of the civil war that are described in Study Island...
-Slavery and Sectionalism
-The Missouri Compromise
-Webster-Hayne Debate and the Nullification Debate
-Compromise of 1850
-Fugitive Slave Act
-John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

In this blog post do the following for the cause you choose...
  1. Include a description of the event in 5 or more sentences (5 points)
  2. Write a description on how the north viewed this event (2.5 points)
  3. Write a description on how the south viewed this event (2.5 points)
  4. In 2-3 sentences write your own view on this event/how you feel about it (2.5 points)
  5. Your writing should be well organized and have few spelling errors ...includes a description of where you found your information....for example, Study Island, Wikipedia, ect. (2.5 points)

The white population of the new United States did not stretch far beyond the eastern seaboard until the 19th century. The British Proclamation of 1763, the War of 1812, geological barriers  and the lack of modern-day transportation all provided resistance against westward migration. But by the mid-1800s, the concept of Manifest Destiny–the belief that Americans had a divine right to expand their territory–gained footing, and Americans began to buy into the inevitability of settling both unexplored and already-claimed western frontiers, including the lands that now make up Texas, California, Colorado and Oregon. (from

MORE VIDEOS on Westward Expansion

Assignment:  Create two arguments for the land gained in the Louisianan Purchase.  Please use facts from the video and Study Island to create your arguments.  Feel free to use internet resources to find additional information...please list your references. 
  1. Argue from the point of view of the United States.  Understanding the concept of Manifest Destiny, why should the American have the right to this land, and why is the right of the French to sell it?
  2. Argue from the point of view of the Native Americans.  Why should the land be theirs and should they be angry about the USA taking their land.  Explain in detail. 

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 8
Describe and analyze the territorial expansion of the United States including:
  1. Northwest Ordinance;
  2. The Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition;
  3. Westward movement including Manifest Destiny;
  4. The Texas War for Independence and the Mexican-American War.

Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station.

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 4-6 sentences
  4. Create a time line for your story with at least 5 dates/events (if you cant find 5 dates research the topic and find out some history on it)
  5. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article.
  6. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:
Bill of Rights
Most concerns about a too-powerful central government were addressed by the 1789 proposal to add a bill of rights to the Constitution. Made up of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights is series of limitations to the U.S. government.

The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution that provides and protects freedoms for US citizens.  Today, just like in the late 1700's people still fight to protect the freedoms of this country.  Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union  (ACLU) are among the people who fight for these freedoms on a daily basis. 

1.  Read the Bill of Rights by clicking on the link (there are only 10 so read them all).
2. Next go to the ACLU of Ohio site and pick an issue currently being discussed in Ohio.
3. In open office I want you to write about your issue. Your writing should include the following...
  • What issue did you choose and describe it (3-5 Sentences)
  • What number Amendment is it related to (1-10)
  • Is this an issue Americans faced when the Bill of Rights was being written? (1-2 sentences)
  • How you feel about this issue, are you for it? Against it? Not affected? (2-3 sentences)
  • Please then copy and paste your respond in the comment section of this post.

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 6
Explain the challenges in writing and ratifying the U.S. Constitution including:
  1. The debate over a Bill of Rights.