Assignment....Compare and Contrast the Economies of the North and South leading up to the Civil War.

  1. 3 things specific to the Norther Economy (5 points)
  2. 3 things specific to the Southern Economy (5 points)
  3. 3 things in common to both the North and the South (5 points)

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Max D..
12/14/2011 01:45:42 am

Nathan L.
12/14/2011 02:48:54 am

The Suth had large amounts of money invested in the land and in slaves.
There plants and food and trees and resources and crops grew very well in the temperate and climates and fertile and soil that they used.
In the south they made a cotton gin to separating cotton fiber and seeds faster.

the north had cold climate so it had made farming hard. most of the soil was rocky and lacked necessary minerals for growing crops. the north had econome industry and manufactured goods and finance and shipping. the industry grew in the north.

the tariffs that the north had benefited the north.

12/14/2011 02:49:54 am

Norther Economy climate is so cold it's very hard to farm there.The north grew because of it's tariffs passed by the congress.The north's good were competive with goods that came from great Britain.

Southern Economy had large amounts of money they made in the land and their slaves.Their route between europe and Africa led to increase of slaves in the south.Slave last all the way up to the 1860's.

Both north and south made many farms because cotton gin and the plantations grew.The south sent it's cotton to New England and the north built more factories.Montana's mining grew into majors city.

Tanaya D.
12/14/2011 02:49:58 am

One thing specific to the South Economy was slaves.Another example is the cotton gin invented by Eli Whitney.The southern economy grew tobacco crops.One thing specific to the North Economy was the 25 percent duty on imported manufactured goods.Another example is textile mills because the north had very good water power.The last example to the northern economy is the irish immigrants that came their because of the potato famine.One thing in common between norht and south was they both were suplying something to the us.Another example is they both depended on something to keep their crops growing.

Kala B.
12/14/2011 04:20:10 am

One thing that is specific to the Northern is that they relied on industry and manufactured goods, finance, and shipping. The Industry grew in the North in part because of protective tariffs passed by Congress. With the Tariff Act of 1816, there was a 25 percent duty on imported manufactured goods.

Another specific about the Northern Economy is that the North is a cold climate and it is good for farming crops.

The last specific thing about the Northern Economy is the North was success in the Civil War because the North was able to manufacture more war material and use they railroad to transport their men.

One specific thing about the South Economy is they had a large investment in money with slaves.

Another specific thing about the South's Economy is they grew crops really well with the temperatures that they had and they had good plantations.

The last specific thing about the South's Economy is the increase and value with slaves was important to the South because it is less to pay they slave then the white people that are working for them.

One thing that is specific to both the South and the North is While the tariffs benefited the North the South apposed them because they were forced to pay higher prices.

Another specific thing about both the North and the South is The South sent its cotton to New England factories, where workers spun it to cloth to make clothes, bedding, and other fabrics. As the Industrial Revolution came to America, more factories were built in the North.

The last thing that is specific to both the North and the South is These factories produced goods that were sold all over the United States The rapid construction of railroads provided the Northeast and the Midwest with an extensive transportation system, which contributed really good to their economic stimulation.

Max D.
12/14/2011 05:44:52 am

It was hard to farm in the north.
the north relied on industry and manufactured goods, finance, and shipping.
tariffs benefited the North.

Southerners were opposed to tariffs.
he South's economy relied heavily on agriculture.
In the south crops were very easy to grow.

Both the north and south are continents in the western hemisphere,both have a few countries,and both have mountains.

david b
12/14/2011 10:33:06 pm

1.One thing northern ecomeny had manufacturd goods, And they also have finance, and shipping.

2. One thing the southern ecomeny had was large amounts of land and slaves. And they also had main crops they grew liks cotton, tobacco, sugar, and rice.

3. 3 things that were similar with the north and south are growing crops , shipping, and manufactured goods.

Emma S
12/14/2011 11:44:28 pm

The southern economy is that they grow cotton and then they grew more agriculture and they grow tobacco. In the North they use transportation tours and they trade. They both have very different economies. Also the south have slaves too.

Izzy S
12/15/2011 01:02:40 am

1 . The North had a cold climate , which made it hard to grow crops . The soil was also not good for growing crops , it lacked many good minerals that help crops grow . Tarrifs benefited the North , but the Southerners didn't like that very much , because it foced them to have to pay higher prices for their goods .

2 . The Southerners were big on growing crops , and relied heavily on agriculture . They paid a lot of money for their land and slaves . The crops grew very well , as there was good mineraled , and temperate soil . The cost of a white mans labor for 10 years equalled the life of an African American , and could actually buy the life of an African .

3 . The Southerners would send their cotton to New England to be made into things , so there were , many factories built in the North . A lot of the Irish started coming to America , all over . Slavery had lasted until the 1860s , and after that the North and South were both on the same page as far as that .


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