Grading Period 2 Week 2: Diffusion -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
The word culture can often be used in reference to the practices and customs of a particular group of people. For example, art, religion, social customs, food, and language are all parts of culture. The United States has a very unique and diverse culture, and has often been called a "melting pot" because people from all around the world have migrated to the U.S. to live and work

Assignment...Create a post in the comment section including the following

  1. Describe in 3 or more sentences your families' culture.  Consider special events, holidays, religion, social customs, food, and any other things that make your family unique. (5 points)
  2. In 2 or more sentences write about how your family, all though unique, shares similar traits and customs with other Americans. (5 points)
  3. Response is more than 5 sentences (5 points)

Standard OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard People in Societies 6
Explain how the diverse peoples of the United States developed a common national identity.

Nathan L.
11/16/2011 01:49:51

my family will my uncle and me we share Jason x we both like skulls and stuff like that. me and my dad we will like ATV. me and my mom and my other uncle we like final fanatic games. all of the united states we all share hall days.

Emma S
11/16/2011 01:50:11

My family's culture is to have pizza every Friday. We also have a special breakfast every Christmas. My mom makes it everytime.We also have mystery breakfast every day. Everybody goes to school, celebrate Thanksgiving, and celebrate independence day.

jordon w
11/16/2011 01:56:04

Me and my family get ever once in a while and have a family dinner and we have a good time, me and my mom enjoy listening to music, and me and my grandpa plant gardens
ever summer,Americans have costumes such as food like the cheeseburgers and some Americans come together and have foods like tacos and listen to music such as rap hip hop and country music

Anthony R
11/16/2011 01:58:38

The culture me and my family celebrate are mostly holidays which are thanksgiving,Christmas,Easter,sometimes family reunion.Our custom food is the usual chicken, cornbread,potatoes salad macaroni and cheese,ribs,greens,baked beans.When I get with my family we listen to a lot of music.We have fun and eat a lot of food.

Tanaya D.
11/16/2011 01:58:49

My family every halloween after we got done trick or treating we would go to my great grandmas house and eat sloppy joes.Every Thanksgiving we make five diffrent pies.When its one of our birthdays we would always go to Water Works and have a party.All though we do these things we are very similar to other american familes because we celebrate Christmas and Easter just like everybody else.

jada b
11/16/2011 03:20:53

my family culture is that we all meet a my grandmas house and she cooks Sunday dinner.after she cooks Sunday diner all everybody stands around the table and pray over the food.after everybody prays over the food everyone sits down and eat and after all the kids clean up the kitchen.we have lots of thing to eat hot chicken from Guam,white cheddar mac and cheese,rice,steak,corn,pasta and more.
our culture is unique but many people have Sunday dinner with there family.they might not do it like my family but it might be similar to how we have Sunday dinner

Jenna C
11/16/2011 03:21:53

In the Chinese culture religion in really important. They don't write or read left to write, instead they write right to left and up and down. Martial arts is also popular. A way Chinese culture is similar to American culture is that both cultures celebrate New Years, but the Chinese New Year is later than the
American New Year, and both cultures appreciate arts.

Kala B.
11/16/2011 03:27:10

One thing that my family and I do Family movie night.We go and get lots of movie and get snacks and then we go and watch all the movies. The second thing that we do as a family is that go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.The third thing that we do as a family is always have Sunday dinners. I always help my Mom cook Pasta and clean when we are done eating. The last thing that we do as a family is every holiday we sometimes make food for the homeless.

One thing that is that almost all the Americans share is the right of freedom.And that every one should have the right of a good education.These are some thing that almost all Americans share in common.

Matt R.
11/16/2011 03:27:16

In my Family my Grandma goes either to my Aunt's house (In Virgina)Or, to my Great Aunts home (In Florida)during the Summer.
And,Around the holidays my Family Goes To my Grandma's house for Holiday Dinners Like: Christmas and Thanksgiving.In My Family its a Tradition to Have A BIG Cookout on the Fourth of July .

In My Family We All Speak English.We bury our deceased Relatives in a Graveyard.

Cody N
11/16/2011 03:29:53

1. My family cultures are, On Sunday night we have family dinner night. We also like to use hot sauce on a lot of our food. my family like to be involved in a lot of sports.

2. We all have to participate in school. We celebrate special holidays like thanksgiving and the 4th of July. we have A LOT of fast food here in America.

Tyler M
11/16/2011 03:39:35


we celebrate July 4th, christmas thansgiving, halloween.
our religion is that we are Christion which means we believe god.
M family is really picy to there food. We like to eat italian food and we like to eat meat like chicken, beef and steak.
when my family throws a party they like to through it as best as they can. We like to have a lot of food and alot of fun.

david b
11/16/2011 03:57:12

My families culture is that we do Christmas real late an we open the gift a day before Christmas, we also put a candle on the wall an we light it and it counts down the days to Christmas. And we make a big Christmas dinner. Are unique thing that we do is that make big dinner, and we also sometimes sing songs. Plus we also do many other things together as a family.

Izzy S
11/16/2011 03:58:33

My family and I have some unique things that we do , part of our culture . One thing is every time space crafts go through the air we go watch them at night . Another thing is we all like to set around and crack jokes . We also like to go hang out places like the mall or a friends house . One thing we share with a lot of other American families is we all like to set around and watch t.v . We also like music , and going out to eat once in a while .

11/16/2011 04:03:54

My family and I have some unique things that we do. Every Christmas my family gather around the table and have a feast. My mom and dad invite everyone over an thank god that everyone still here and bless are family and watch over everyone and keep us safe.

Max D.
11/16/2011 04:15:54

My family celebrates mostly christen holiday's. we have traditions like at our house we always host the holiday gatherings and or party's. We also always have pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. our family also dose thing simpler to also of family's. such as celebrating Christmas and giving things up for lent. and those of the thing my family dose.

Nathan L.
11/17/2011 00:47:10

me and my family we all have a lot in commin. my unclys and my dad and me we like skulls. me and my grandma we like to do recipes togthere. me and my grandpa we waitch cowboys on tv togthere. me and my uncly john we like to play final fantics togthere.

Tricia B.
11/27/2011 08:27:14

My family and I celebrate all American holidays. Every year my family and I go to our family reunion. Every Christmas Eve we open a present.

My family speaks English just like most Americans. My family lives in a house and we drive a car likes most Americans.


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