For this post make a time line of your life.  Include when you were born, important dates in your life, any other dates you want.

1.  You must include at least 7 dates
2.  Make sure you label each date with what it represents.


Mr. Reese Time Line

July 19, 1981....I was born
Summer of 1986...Learned how to swim
June of 1995....graduated middle school
June of 1999....graduated high school
May of 2004....graduated College (go BGSU)
May of 2010...started Masters program (go Zips)
August 2010...Started working at ADA
August 2011...Got engaged

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 1
Select events and construct a multiple-tier time line to show relationships among events.
8/31/2011 08:52:42 am

December-1997 I was born

July 2001-Moved from Kent to Cuyahoga Falls

March 2007-Moved from Cuyahoga Falls to Akron

January 2008-Made honor roll

June 2008-Graduated from elementary school

August 2010-Transferred from Jennings to ADA

August 2011-Adopted a puppy named Mojo

Max D.
8/31/2011 08:59:57 am

August 14,1997..Birth

September 28,1997...Baptized

July 1998...moved into current house

August 2002...first day of school

may 8,2005...First Communion

August 27,2007...started going to ADA

June 2010...started going to saint sebastain church

Tyler M
8/31/2011 11:59:22 pm

1 i was born.
2 my first b day i went to sea world.
3 my aunts wedding.
4 i got my first dog.
5 moved 2 my grandpas.
6 for my 5th grade report card i went to IX in door amusment park.
7 i started moving into my first house in ravenna.
8 or my 14th b day i went to cedar point.

k'ala B. timeline
9/1/2011 03:01:45 am

September 6,1997...I was born
July 8,1999...I broke my leg
August 20,2002...Learned to ride a bike
June 1-30,2006...I went to SouthCarolina
September 4,2009...Started going to ADA
October 2,2010...I had blue hair
August 29,2011... Started 8th Grade

david b
9/1/2011 03:03:22 am


December of 1996 i was born.

Feburary of 1999 had first stiches.

December of 1999 on my third birthday my cat died.

SUMMER OF 2007 got stiches in the
head ran into tv center.

Summer 0f 2007 grand parents move south into the carolinas.

March 0f 2010 got stiches again by riding a scooter in church gym not a good idea after a day of waxing.

November of 2010 again got stiches cut my fingure in two places doc said i was lucky i did not cut them off.

Today of 1st of septemeber of 2011 i will not do any stupid or idiotic that might lead to stiches.

Izzy S
9/1/2011 05:09:53 am

1998- I was born
2001- Lil brother was born
2005- Went to New York
2005- Got 2 turtles
2009- Graduated Elementary School
2009- Started horse riding
2011- Started 8th grade

Cody N
9/1/2011 05:51:01 am

May 1st 1998-i was born

August of 2001-first beach vacation

September of 2003-started kindergarten

August of 2004-moved to akron

Summer of 2006-learned how to skateboard

year of 2008-got into video games

year of 2010-started going to ADA

Tricia B.
9/1/2011 07:58:01 am

April 14, 1997...I was born

Fall of 2002...I started kindergarten

Winter of 2005...I visited Pennsylvania

Summer of 2006...I broke my arm

Spring of 2007...I visited COSI

Fall of 2008...I started going to ADA

July 24, 2011...My great-grandma passed away

jordon w
9/7/2011 02:48:52 am

spet 1995... i was born

2003 ... i got my first game

nov 2005 ... my dad died

aug 2006 ... i got my first phone

nov 2006 ... i went to my first cavs game

nov 2010 summer i road 200 miles on my bike

Jordan B.
9/8/2011 05:15:59 am

March 2 1998- I was born.

September 11 2001- My uncle Dexter(Firefighter) Was killed in the 9/11 atacks.

August 10 2002- I started kindergarden.

May 2004- Moved to Chicago.

October 2007- Moved back to Akron.

April 8 2008- My grandfather passed away.

June 2010- Started ADA.

August 29 2011- Still at ADA and in the 8th grade.

Tanaya D.
9/9/2011 03:21:18 am

July 1997... i was born Oct 2001... little brother was born June 2004... little sister was born June 2006... my other little bro was born 2008...went to six flags my new cell phone 2011... dyed my hair red

Emma S
9/10/2011 12:51:33 am

March 1997- I was born.

May 1st- I came home from China.

Fall of 2004- adopted my youngest siblings

March 2008- We went to Disney World!

March,27th, 2010- I am a teenager.

August 2010- bike adventure

August 2011- started ADA

Josh T
9/12/2011 01:30:08 am

1998-I was born.
2004-I learned how to swim.
2005-I cracked my head open.
2009-I was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome.
2011-I started my last year of middle school.

Blake S
9/12/2011 04:32:34 am

1997-I was Born,
1998-My older sister broke my leg in a freak accident at Wall-Mart,
1999-I learned how to swim,
2002-I started elementary school,
2003-I started 2nd grade,
2004-I started 3rd grade,
2005-I started 4th grade.

matthew P.
9/12/2011 05:12:34 am

1997-I was born.
1998-I had gotten a sister.
2001-I went to ceder point for the first time in my life.
2004-I went to Florida with my family.
2007-I had to go to the hospital for my sister because she was sick.
2010-I went to a lake.
2011-i went to the fair for the first time.

Marissa T
9/12/2011 05:16:11 am

1998- I was born.
2001-Started school, on the day of 9/11.
2002-Moved to Cuyahoga Falls.
2003-Started school.
2004- Moved to Akron.
2005- Went to Noth Carolina.

lavontae k.
9/12/2011 07:46:07 pm

1995...i was born,
2000...i started football,
2001... my football team won the finals,
2003...i started 3rd grade,
2008...i was rated best WR in ohio lil league
2009...broke my lag doc said i cant play football no more :(
2010...came 2 akron nd try out 4 football made the taem nd got 3 touchdowns a game had no problm with my leg

Anthony R
9/13/2011 03:59:13 am

1997-I was born
2001-I started elementary school
2007-Graduated from elementary school
2008- I started middle school
2011-At Digital Academy

9/19/2011 03:17:59 am

1997: I was born
2003: Joined the wrestling team
2004: Killed my first deer
2006: Took first in state
2007: Kissed my first girl
2009: Joined the Akron knights

9/19/2011 03:43:34 am

1995-I was born
1997-I Started racing
1999-I got a new redline race bike
2000-My sister was born he name is erin
2005-I got 3rd place in the state of ohio,then i got 1st in the city of akron
2007-my dad a honda cafe a bike
2011- Im in ada

9/21/2011 12:16:51 am

1997-I was born
1999-Started preschool
2002-Started grade school
2004-Joined track and field
2005-Grandmother pass away
2007-Graduated elementary school
2011-Started ADA

Nathan L.
9/21/2011 03:55:45 am

1997- I was born
1999- i went trick or treat the 1st time
2001- i think i got my first game system
2005-i learned how to ride a bike
2009- i think i rode a 4 wheeler
2010- i got my first computer
2010- i got guitar hero

9/26/2011 05:04:20 am

2000, i broke my leg

march 11, my mommy told me she was having a girl

august 9, 2001- My first little sister was born

September,1 2009- my twin little brothers were born

October 31 -2009- i had a birthday

2010- i went to west Virgina for a month

2011- i lost my little cousin Carmella she died at the age 11

Jada B
9/28/2011 04:16:06 am


10/3/2011 03:56:19 am

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Shawnda J.
10/3/2011 04:17:05 am

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C'urrai'e~ G.
10/5/2011 03:08:11 am

1997-I Was Born!!
1999-I Became A Big Sister
2005-I Started School.
2007-My First Trip To Orlando,FL/Flying On A Plane..:)
2008-I Left Elementary
2009-First Yr Of Middle School.
2011-Started Getting IN Trouble And Went To Jacksonville,FL For @ 1/2 Months
2011-Last Year Of Middle school..Started Going To A.D.A !!

kayla l
10/20/2011 03:25:57 am

1996- i was born
1998- my little brother was born
2002- i broke my finger and started school
2005- great grandma pass away
2008- i was going to helen aronld
2009- i was going to springfield schools
2011- i come back to akron schools


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