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The video above discusses Lincoln's legacy and assassination, an assassination that occurred just as the Civil War had ended.

However, just because the war was over, it did not mean that the issues that divided America had gone away.  This was a time period called "Reconstruction" simply saying that our nation needed our ideas and foundation reconstructed or rebuilt.

Southern states still hated northerners, many places still had slaves, and our nation was still divided. Congress, the Presidency, and our Judicial System set out to fix many of these issues

In your post this week complete the following:
  1. Read the Study Island lesson on Reconstruction
  2. Select 3 acts, amendments, court cases, or laws discussed in the Study Island lesson
  3. For each of the 3 please describe what it was, explain how it helped bring Americans together (or if it tore them apart), and if it  is still in effect today.
  4. This should be well organized and submitted in the comment section
  5. If you use information from another source besides Study Island...cite it!