The white population of the new United States did not stretch far beyond the eastern seaboard until the 19th century. The British Proclamation of 1763, the War of 1812, geological barriers  and the lack of modern-day transportation all provided resistance against westward migration. But by the mid-1800s, the concept of Manifest Destiny–the belief that Americans had a divine right to expand their territory–gained footing, and Americans began to buy into the inevitability of settling both unexplored and already-claimed western frontiers, including the lands that now make up Texas, California, Colorado and Oregon. (from

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Assignment:  Create two arguments for the land gained in the Louisianan Purchase.  Please use facts from the video and Study Island to create your arguments.  Feel free to use internet resources to find additional information...please list your references. 
  1. Argue from the point of view of the United States.  Understanding the concept of Manifest Destiny, why should the American have the right to this land, and why is the right of the French to sell it?
  2. Argue from the point of view of the Native Americans.  Why should the land be theirs and should they be angry about the USA taking their land.  Explain in detail. 

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 8
Describe and analyze the territorial expansion of the United States including:
  1. Northwest Ordinance;
  2. The Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition;
  3. Westward movement including Manifest Destiny;
  4. The Texas War for Independence and the Mexican-American War.