Take a look at how American grew in size during the 1800's.  As transportation improved, people began to spread out to different settlements across the US.

Human settlements vary in location, size, and function. Some of the main focuses of settlements are creating economic, transportation, communications, and government systems. Where cities are located usually has a great deal to do with both physical and human characteristics

  1. Read the first section of this article on Akron (click on Akron to access the link)
  2. What made Akron a good choice for a settlement? (5 points)
  3. What caused population to increase in this area so much during the early 1900's (5 points)
  4. Take a look at a map of Ohio...what do you think made Cincinnati and Cleveland such good locations for settlements? (5 points)
  5. Post in the comment section...use complete sentences!

Standard OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard Geography 1 Compare places and regions in the United States as they existed prior to 1877 with the same places and regions today to analyze changes in land use and population, political, social and economic characteristics.