After watching the video above and learning about the hardships of living in the original colonies of America, why would people have wanted to move to America in the first place?  In this Journal Entry you are to write a letter.  Please pretend you moved from England and are now living in one the original US 13 colonies.  Address this letter to Mr. Reese and tell me about the following points...

1.  How was the journey to America (how did you get there)?
2. What region are you living in?
3. Why did you decide to go to America in the first place?
4. Have you run into other groups of people (Native Americans, Spaniards, etc)?
5. Any other facts about life there.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Good luck,

Mr. Reese

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 2
Describe the political, religious and economic aspects of North American colonization including:
  1. Reasons for colonization, including religion, desire for land and economic opportunity;
  2. Key differences among the Spanish, French and British colonies;
  3. Interactions between American Indians and European settlers, including the agricultural and cultural exchanges, alliances and conflicts;
  4. Indentured servitude and the introduction and institutionalization of slavery;
  5. Early representative governments and democratic practices that emerged, including town meetings and colonial assemblies;
  6. Conflicts among colonial powers for control of North America.