This week is split into two parts...You must complete both parts to earn full credit this week!

Part 1...Study the graph  and use it to complete the quiz.  The answers come straight to me and only I can view them.
                                    "Water Usage in the United States (2005)"
Part 2....Posted in the comment Section of this post!

    Using the at least 5 of the processes of the water cycle (listed below), you are to write a story as if you were a drop of water going on a journey through the water cycle.  Make sure you include each phase of the water cycle and that it is in the proper order.  You can start at any stage of the cycle, however the stage you start with should be the same stage you finish with.   Be creative and accurate!

Use the following processes:
  • Evaporation--->Liquid water is converted into water vapor
  • Condensation--->Water vapor is converted into liquid water
  • Melting--->Ice is converted into liquid water
  • Freezing--->liquid water is converted to ice
  • Sublimation--->ice is converted into water vapor
  • Precipitation--->water vapor in the air condenses to form drops heavy enough to fall to the Earth’s surface.

OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences C
Describe interactions of matter and energy throughout the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere (e.g., water cycle, weather and pollution).
OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Scientific Inquiry B
Analyze and interpret data from scientific investigations using appropriate mathematical skills in order to draw valid conclusions.
Matthew P.
10/24/2011 02:59:00 am

I am a water drop falling from the sky.I am precipitating and forming into a drop. When I landed i hit on top of a mountain and froze. Then I sublimated and evaporated. so now i am starting all over agin.

david b
10/24/2011 03:04:41 am

I am a droplet of water and I am in the ocean now going through the proses of Evaporation. After that I will go through Condensation an will be in the sky.Then I will fall out of the sky by Precipitation.
Now I am Freezing on a frozen lake.
While im freezing on the lake I see the sun and now I am melting and I know going through the proses again.

kayla l
10/24/2011 03:06:35 am

I am a drop of water that condenses in the air and falls to the earth's surface.
I fell in a lake and it froze. Once the lake started to sublimation. The sun converted me into water vapor this is called Evaporation. After evaporation I converted into liquid water. Then I started into a drop of water that condenses in the air and fall on to the earth's surface.

Jordan J.
10/24/2011 03:09:11 am

I am a raindrop falling from the sky.I landed in a pond.Then I froze then evaporated into the sky.I was precipitated again as a snowflake and then I melted into a lake.I am now evaporating back into the sky I am currently in a cloud.

Kala B.
10/24/2011 03:14:25 am

I'm Kala a drop of evaporated water I came from the clouds Precipitating from the Earth surface then I landed on a glacier and then I started the freezing stage from liquid water to ice,then I started to melting from the ice to liquid water again. Then after that stage then I started to evaporate to the sky liquid water turning into water vapor and then I started falling from the sky all over again.

Steven R.
10/24/2011 04:11:12 am

Im Started as a water drop evaporating into the clouds where I experienced Condensation. Precepitation made me fall from the sky as rain. Next, i froze in a lake, so far its going good for me. I went to the fifth stage was Sublimation it felt like I was going away.

Blake S.
10/24/2011 04:11:15 am

I started at Condensation. I got heavy enough to fall down to the Earth's surface this is called Precipitation. I freeze and turn into ice. Then I go into the Sublimation phrase I turn from ice into water vapor. And finally I get back to where I started as Condensation.

Shawnda J.
10/24/2011 04:12:17 am

Hi I am a water drop.At the moment I am condensed in a cloud waiting of it to rain.This stage is called Precipitation.I am now falling to the Earth From a cloud full of water.I can freeze into snow or ice in the winter.I will then melt once the season's change.I will also be evaporated and get to do it all over again.

Anthony R.
10/24/2011 04:13:20 am

Their was a raindrop named John and he was about to go through the same thing again.He likes to travel so he doesn't mind the water cycle.He was getting a rain ticket to evaporation airlines.It was a hot day and a perfect day for a plane ride.He was on their for a couple of days because it was April.His plane stopped off at a place called cumulonimbus and enjoyed himself because he went there to see some relatives.His relatives wanted to visit his house so they dropped in his house and his parents had to leave so the took the condensation plane and said their goodbyes.He couldn't wait to do it all over again.

Jenna C.
10/24/2011 04:14:30 am

Hello~ My names Rayne. This one day, I was hanging out with all my friends in this puddle. We decided to move the party, cause it was kind of hot. It was all steamy (evaporation) and whatnot. We separated for awhile. And floated up to the clouds, ya know. There, we all formed into one big cloud (condensation). People invited more of their little vapor friends, and soon our cloud got heavy and crowded, so some of us decided to bail (precipitation). We ended up in this crazy cold lake in the middle of winter (freezing lol). We chilled there for a season or two until we got all hot (sublimation) and ended up in those crowded clouds again.

Dajon D.
10/24/2011 04:14:48 am

I am liquid water that is being evaporated into the sky.Now I raise from the water into a water vapor that later on turns into air witch I am now precipitation.I fell out of the sky when the clouds came hovering over they push me out of the sky and i fell down on a mountain witch was freezing and i froze.The sun came out and I started melting,I became a stream of water and here i am in the ground.When i got to the end i was discharge out of the dirt and back in the ocean,and here I am being evaporated all over again.

jordon w
10/24/2011 04:23:25 am

i am a little rain droplet and as i evaporate to earth surface i have Condensation and i freeze for three weeks and as i melt i discharge into the ground
and into the ocean i use
to from in the clouds i transportation to go into the clouds the uses me as Precipitation and i fall to earths surface i am not use to the atmosphere and i freeze and i use this cycle for three weeks.

10/24/2011 05:09:14 am

Once upon a time I was part of a Jazz Band called the "STEAM" But, one day the band "Fell Apart Into smaller groups" . I landed in Cleveland in lake Erie . It was calm and relaxed Until one Day The "Sun Shined" upon me and the "STEAM" was back to gather . ( I think I Failed at this . )

Jordan B.
10/24/2011 05:10:34 am

I am a raindrop falling from the sky(Precipitation). All of the sudden it got very cold and I began to (freeze). Then the big, bright, red sun began to heat me up, and I started (melting). Then I started (evaporating) into the air. Now I am in the clouds, another journey begins now.

Jeffrey J. Hudson
10/24/2011 05:11:05 am

Today I infiltrated the cycle from the lake,I drizzled into the ocean and evaporated after a week. It was really sweaty I think it was from the condensation. After an hour or so my cousin seasalt drop found his way to our cloud but with all his salt it got too heavy and the cloud precipitated now im free falling we landed back at home in our lake with ol Bessy the lake monster. :)

Max D.
10/24/2011 05:12:43 am

I'm a little rain drop sitting on a cloud.
But one day it got really cramped and i started falling because of "Precipitation". I feel in the ice and snow and began "freezing". I began "melting" and became a puddle on the ground. An d because of "Evaporation"
i shoot into the sky and "condensed" into cloud and did it all again.

Tyler M
10/24/2011 05:14:59 am

I was a drop of water that had precipitated from the clouds into the ocean. Then the ocean was freezing the drop of rain. Then when it started getting more warm out the rain drop had got through sublimation. When the ice was melting and it had started the process condensation then the rain drop started evaporating into the earth.

Tricia B. J.A. J.B
10/24/2011 05:17:11 am

First I stared out in the ocean as a rain drop then I evaporated into the clouds as condensation. Now i drop from the clouds(precipitation). Then I landed into puddle that was ice and it was freezing then it started to melt. Then I Evaporated then it stared all over again.

10/24/2011 05:17:49 am

First I was a puddle then it got cold then I went through the process of freezing, Then it got hot agian and thus I went through the process of melting,after all that it started to get hot in fact it was so hot that I began to evaperate into vapor and I went into the clouds,And I was so bored and then it stared to rain and then I realized that I was going through condansation

Izzy S
10/24/2011 05:53:59 am

I am a drop of water . Right now I am Evaporating . I'm in the air in pieces floating around . Now , pieces of my water vapor are turning back into a drop of water , to condensation . And some of my other water vapor are falling from the sky as rain , precipitation . Now I am freezing into ice . AFter I have been freezing for a while , I'm turning to Sublimation , and Melting . Once again , I'm back to Evaportaing all over again .

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Emma S
10/31/2011 11:44:40 pm

First I'm precipitation then I become a lake. Then I evaporate up into the air. I condense into the sky. Then when it goes up it becomes snowy. Depends if it's hot or cold then it is raining or snowing. When precipitates it makes rain and then it goes all over again.

Cody N
11/2/2011 04:17:45 am

1. First i am in the ocean and now going through the process of Evaporation. 2. Second i am in the air and going through the process of Condensation. 3. Third i am being converted from ice to liquid which is the melting process. 4. fourth i am being frezed up back into ice which is the frezing process. 5. Now i am ice being converted into water vapor which is Sublimation process. 6. finaly i am going through the Precipitation process and i am now rain fallen back into the ocean to do the same thing all over again.


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