Technology is the application of scientific principles to solve problems and accomplish tasks. Technological design is the process of finding the best solution for a problem that is also within the given constraints.

Over the past 100 years technology has helped shape our lives more than ever.  For today I want you to explore the  website links below and discover what are thought to be the most influential inventions of the past 600 years.

Top inventions of the past 100 years
Inventions of each century

  1. List 10 influential inventions of the last 600 year, 5 from the past 100 years and 5 from prior to that.  Include the year of each discovery (10 points)
  2. Select 2 of the inventions listed in question 1 and in detail describe what impact each discovery/invention has had on society and who invented it (5 points)

K'ala B.

Five inventions in the past 100 years...
1. TV remote
2. Cordless tools
3. Industrial Robot
4. Smoked detector
5. DNA fingerprinting

Five invention from the 1800's..

1.Sewing machine
5. game of basketball

One invention that i picked was the dishwasher because it allows people to wash dishes without doing them by hand.Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher in 1886.

Another invention that i picked was the smoke detector because if there is a fire in your house it notify's you and then you leave the house.

David b

Five Invention made in over the 100 years.

1. 1867 Typewriter
2. 1868 J.P knight invents traffic lights.
3. 1873 Joseph Glidden invented barb wire.
4. 1889 Joshua Pusey invents the matchbook.
5. 1898 Edwin Prescott invented the roller coaster.

Five Inventions made over the past 600 years.

1. 1400 The first golf balls invented.
2. 1420 Oil pants were invented.
3. 1475 Muzzle load riffles was invented
4 1485 Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first parachute.
5. 1487 Bell chimes were invented.

1. 1868 : Traffic lights had a big impact in today's time because they help flow the traffic in cities and towns.

2. 1420 : Oil paints have also been a impact in today's time also because oil paints have made some of the worlds famous paintings.

Max D.

In 1902 the air conditioner, polygraph machine,Teddy Bear, and the neon light was invented
in 1903 crayons were invented.

The polygraph machine helped stop crime and unjust arrest.
The air conditioner helped prevent heat stroke.


- 5 Influential inventions from the past 600 years :

1 . 1487 - Bell Chimes .
2 . 1494 - Whiskey
3 . 1568 - Bottled Beer .
4 . 1590 - Compound Microscope .
5 . 1722 - Fire Extinguisher .

- 5 Influential inventions from the past 100 years :

1 . 1955 - T.V Remote Control .
2 . 1957 - Birth Control Pill .
3 . 1961 - Cordless Tools .
4 . 1969 - Smoke Detector .
5 . 1984 - DNA Fingerprinting .

Birth Control Pill - The Birth Control Pill had a big impact on society , because many people who didn't want to get pregnant could then take a pill that will help prevent unwanted child birth . This was created by Frank Colton .

Smoke Detector - The Smoke Detector was created by Randolph Smith , and Kenneth House . This design was created to let people know right away if there is a fire . This can save peoples lives , and also decrease the amount of houses and buildings getting burnt down .

Samir Nahali

audio devices
cotton gin
lightning rod
iron furnice
gas powered car
2. Henry Ford invented the gas powered car and it impacted the society because it pollutes the air and gives us quicker transportation.Benjamin Franklin invented the iron oven which let us create better foods.


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