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OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences B
Explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter, most of which is at incomprehensible distances and held together by gravitational force. Describe how the universe is studied by the use of equipment such as telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft.
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Matthew P.
8/31/2011 03:59:00

Today i learned that the universe has a lot of stars that can make galaxies if there in a bundle. I also learned that the universe has everything in it there is nothing that is not in the universe. The universe is amazing and were still trying to study how it works.

david b
8/31/2011 05:38:45


I learned that there are about 15,000 galaxies.And that the universe is more than 222, 792,485 light years. I also want to add that the milky way is about 100,000 light years. Also in star distance is that a year is about 525,949 minutes OR 31,556,926 seconds. And that the order goes by Stars , planets , galxaies,and universe.

Marissa T
8/31/2011 06:18:15

The universe has so much matter, that its too much to weigh or measure. When the universe is studied, NASA uses Telescopes, to view the stars from a far away distances. Probes are robot spacecraft sent to the moon(s). Satellites are man made devices that circles around the moon and or earth. While spacecraft is used to fly to the other planets, and record/ capture what there is on the moons.

k'ala B.
8/31/2011 07:31:19

Today I learned about The Universe, and that the Universe is made up of millions of galaxies, and that alot of stars make up galaxies.Plus I learned that their are four different types of galaxies, the first is the Irregular Galaxy-has no shape or size.Barred Spiral Galaxy- they have arms that spiral out from stars instead of the center.Spiral Galaxy they are flat an have arms that spiral from the center.Elliptical Galaxy look like a flat sphere an has little dust an gas between stars.Plus I learned about different tools to study various properties of the Universe,and one tool is the X-ray Telescope are used to examine the X-ray radiation that comes from different objects.The last thing I learned is about Galileo the spacecraft that was launched in 1989 to study Jupiter an its larges moons,Galileo revealed that Jupiter has less water than what they thought,an they measured Jupiters magnetic field an discovered that the planet has rings.

Max D.
8/31/2011 08:06:49

There is nothing that is not in the universe.There are planets, solar system's,galaxies,universes,and evry thing else. And all things things are held in place by gravitational force. The universe is studyed by scientist with things like telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft. We know alot about space, but there is alot yet to be explored.

8/31/2011 08:41:49

Week 1: I learned that everything is a part of the universe.I learned mostly about light years.Also I learned thatthere are billions of galaxies.For each galaxy there are billions of stars.
I look forward to learn more about stars
in week 2.

Tricia B.
9/1/2011 04:05:35

The Universe

Today I learned that the universe is made up of billions of galaxies, and each galaxy is made up of billions of stars.

The universe is composed of everything in existence, including planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

A probe is an unmanned spacecraft carrying instruments intended for use in exploration of the physical properties of celestial bodies other than Earth.

A satellite is an unmanned spacecraft that is put into orbit around the Earth.

Telescopes are used by scientists to study distance objects.

Different types of galaxies are Spiral Galaxy, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Elliptical Galaxy, Irregular Galaxy.

Izzy S
9/1/2011 04:54:45

The universe expands in every direction . The universe is also made up of billions of galaxies , and each galaxie is made op of billions of stars . Our universe is so large that astronomers describe it in light years . As telescopes have improved , scientists have been able to gather more detailed information about other stars . X-Ray telescopes are used to examine the x-ray radiation that comes from different objects .

Cody N
9/1/2011 05:18:26

Today i learned that the universe is huge. The universe has lots of stars and astoirds and other interesting stuff. I have also learned that we are trying to find out lots of different stuff of the universe. Finally i hope to learn more stuff about the universe.

nathan louthan
9/7/2011 02:33:38

i fund out that there are differt stars and differt heats and timputers :)

matthew p.
9/7/2011 04:40:49

This week I learned that stars have different forms.I've also learned that the sun is a middle aged star.There are a lot of kinds of stars like a red dwarf and a red giant and more like that.The sun also has many more years to be in the middle state of a star so it will be a long time before the sun runs out.That is what I learned this week.

Jordan B.
9/7/2011 04:42:25

I learned many different things about the Universe.I know that he Universe spans a diameter of over 150 billion light years.The Universe is 13.7 billion years old(there is no exact age, but close).The Earth is not flat – but the Universe is. The Universe is made up of billions of galaxies. The galaxies are made up of billions of stars. That is what I learned about the Universe.

Emma S
9/8/2011 05:52:06

The Universe is bigger than all the galaxies. It contains billions of galaxies. I learned that the universe will expand in all directions. For example it will keep their generations or old galaxies,stars and solar systems but invent new ones and discover them. The Universe is very interesting and fun.

Tanaya D.
9/9/2011 02:51:02

I learned that the universe is made up of billions of galaxies and each galaxy is made up of billions of stars.There are four major galaxies.They are Spiral Galaxy,Barred Spiral Galaxy,Elliptical Galaxy and Irregular Galaxy.The distance between the earth and sun is 150 million kilometers.It takes about eight minutes to get from the Sun to the Earth.The sun is a star that is very close to earth.But its not the closest star.The closest star is called Proxima Centauri.The distance between earth and proxima centauri is about 4.2 light years or 40 trillion kilometers.This is what i learned about the universe.

Blake S
9/12/2011 04:25:40

The Universe

The Universe goes on forever way further then the eye can see. They are billions of galaxies in the universe, we live in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Universe is composed of everything in existence, including Planets, Solar Systems, and Galaxies. Even though you can't see Galaxies with the naked eye, you can see them with modern telescopes, but they appear as fuzzy spots in the sky. The name of the type of galaxies are Spiral Galaxies, Barred Spiral Galaxies, Elliptical Galaxies, and Irregular Galaxies, our galaxy (the Milky Way) is a Spiral Galaxy.

rashed b
9/12/2011 05:15:35

a star is bright. it can expand and turn to this big star called the red giant. sometime it fuse to diffrent stuff.

lavontae k.
9/12/2011 19:10:01

The universe is made up of lots stars and galaxies.And the milky way is a galaxy that we live in. I learned many things about the Universe.I know that the universe is 13,7 years old. And has a spans a diameter of over 150 billion light years.The distance between the earth and sun is 150 million kilometers.

9/12/2011 22:27:59

I learned that stars a so many light years away.Did u know the light from the sun takes 10 to get earth(i did not).There are so many galaxys,There is:the spiral galaxy,Barred spiral galaxy,Elliptical galaxy,Irregular galaxy,and last but not least(The one i only know of)The milky way.this is wat i learned this week

9/21/2011 01:10:17

I learned that all the planets in the solar system are about the same age 4.54 billion years old.The universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists.

Tyler M
9/28/2011 03:10:07

when I was reading this lesson i learnd that the univers has alot of stars, some of the stars can make galaxies. one of the galaxies are the milky way galaxy which we live in. The universeis composed with Stars, Planets and solar systems, even though we cant see them with a human eye we can see them with a modern telescope.


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