Technology is the use of knowledge, tools, and materials to solve problems and accomplish tasks. Technology can have both helpful and harmful effects.


List 5 advances in technology or inventions and describe how they benefit life and also how they can potentially be dangerous or negatively effect life.

Branden H

Refrigeration, Mechanized, Waste Water Collection, Solid Waste Pickup And Disposal, Vaccines. It's benefit's in life is like to desecribe an individual's general well-being. This includes access to heathcare, porper nutrition, comfort, and general standards of living. When coal is burned to create electricity harmful substances are released into the atmosphere which can pollute the air, water, and land. Pullution harms both humans and wildlife.


Number . Advance . how its Dangerous ?
1. HDTV . People can see tv in a better way and in a higher quality . sometimes theose tv's cost alot of money and brakes or gets stolen
2.chimney . it keeps us warm and looks pretty . can catch your house on fire . spray . keeps your hair smelling good and shiny . oil gets in the air so its pollution . . helps us get around faster . have to use gas , wich can sometimes catch fire if not careful . and also pollution
5.water . we wash,cook,clean with it . even play in it . but you can drown .

Samir Nahali

Fertilizers- the good effect is that it helps plants grow healthy and strong, The bad effect is that when it rains it washes into stream and kill loads of fish and animals.

Hybrid Cars- the good effect is that it has less emissions, the bad effect is that its parts contain hazardous components that are harmful to the environment.

Factories-the good thing is that they help make our lives easier, the bad thing is that they pollute smoke in the are which can cause global warming.

Cures For Diseases- the can cures us for diseases, but can bring suffering to animals from testing.

Nuclear energy
+ provides energy, warmth etc
- radioactivity


1.The best invention ever is the xbox 360 it benefits people it provides awsome amounts of entertinment. a reason is bad is becuse it cost money to buy xbox live

2. anther great invention is the hot pocket it benfits people becuase it comes in so many differents flavors like ham and chese to taco flavor. a bad effect on people becuse when u get it out of the microwave it some times burn your mouth or the crust gets hard

3. another great invention is the remote control for the TV it benefits people by not having the get up to turn the TV. it some times is bad to have it because u lose it some times or the batteries die.

4.another great invention is CallOfDuty mw3 because it is just down right awesome.but the negative effect is that it is highly addictive

5.and last but not least the iPod touch is one the the best inventions ever u can listen so so much music watch videos and search the web. but the down side is that a lot of music i being downloaded illegally and that is stealing .

Randy L.

One advancement in technology is the computer. It can solve many problems and perform commands that average humans can't. One negative about computers is that they are making humans think less, overall making them less intelligent. Another advancement is the Assembly Line used in car manufacturing. It produces cars in a fast and cheaply way. A downside to it is that it takes up human jobs, which leaves many people jobless. One invention is the calculator. It helps people solve difficult math equations. A negative is that people are using it to solve simplistic equations, making them think less. Another technological advancement is the lighter. It helps people set aflame to objects needed to be heated easily. A negative is that it can produce uncontrollable fires, which can damage the earth.

Marissa Teter

1 advance in inventions are television's, provides entertainment. 1 disadvantage to televisions is burns up more electricity, which means were burning morning coal.
2nd advance in economy would be Alcohol, the advance would be that the economy sky rocketed because so many people demanded beer, one disadvantage would be that if you were to drink a lot of beer/alcohol, there is a good possibility that you might end up with alcohol poising.
3rd advance in invention would be the invention of a vehicle. The advance would be instead of walking every where, you were able to drive. The disadvantage would be that if you did own a car, the cost for the vehicle would be very high, you would have to pay for the gas, there isn't always a guarantee that the car will not break down on you.
4th advance in invention would be the invention in laptops, the advance in having a laptop would be that it is now portable instead of the home desktop, you may take it on the go. The disadvantage would be that there could be viruses on the laptop which could also create a big problem for your laptop.
5th advance in invention would be the invention of fax machine's. One advance in fax machine's is that if you need to send out a paper to a company, and they needed it pronto, you could just fax the paper over to that company. The one disadvantage would be that you would need a lot of paper, if you need a lot of paper, we rely on trees for paper, so the more paper we need, the less trees will be there.

K'ala B.

One advanced technology or invention that benefits life is Ipod because you get to listen to music where ever you go but one disadvantage about the ipod is that it can die.

Another invention that benefits our life is the refrigerator because it allows our food to get cold but the disadvantage about the refrigerator is that they cost a lot.

The third invention is the dishwasher is allows you to wash dishes without using your hand but the disadvantage is sometimes they can break.

The forth technology advancement that benefits our life is a computer the computer lets you do mostly anything but the disadvantage about the computer is that you can viruses.

Another invention is the bike because it allows you to ride place without a cars and it doesn't pollute the air one disadvantage about the bike is that you can have problems with the bike like a flat tire or the crank or other thing and you have to spend money to fix them.

jada bell

playstation 3-they entertain people-they make u adicted and they may also make you fail school

cigarettes-they realive peoples stress-they also kill people

electricity-the burning of the coal may cause pollution-but it also gives you light

cars-they get you where u need to be -but they burn up gas and may cause pollution

pay phones-they help you make calls when you don't have a phone to use -they also have germs cause a lot of people use them


Some advances in technology are they make human life easier. Some inventions are computers and internet. A positive effect of this invention is some kids use them to do school work, a negative effect is they might be looking up stuff on the internet they aren't supposed to be. The invention of they cell phone has good and bad effects such as you can use them to call or text people that aren't with you and phone companies make a lot of money on them . A bad effect of cell phones are people become addicted to them. The invention of the printer helps to copy things you find on the computer and put them on paper which is a helpful thing to many people, the bad thing about it is it most of the time cost a lot. The invention of cars helps many get to were they need faster but the bad part is it pollutes the earth.

fred taylor

guns - self deffence - can kill

computers - find out new things - virus

pens - goood for using - can be deadly

bulling's - good for work - bad for falling on people

shoes- doog to protect your feet - bad for when they get to little

Anthony K.

1. Ipod...+ Able to take music, games, videos anywhere you go.
-creates distractions for people

2. Guns....+Used to make hunting easier and helps with defense.
-used to murder, injure, and can lead to accidental injuries/death.

3. Shoes....+Used to protect feet from the dangers of everyday use.
-Many shoes are produced with the use of child labor.

4. Phones...+allows for contact and wireless communication
-potential danger with wireless signals.

5. Mirowave ovens...+allows for quickly heated food and meal preparation.
-Potential danger with the radiation caused when in use.


I like Anthony's comments....they are well-thought

Tricia & Izzy

One advantage of medicine is that it can cure people.
One disadvantage is that it can harm people.

One advantage of cars is that it can take you places you need to go.
One disadvantage is that they pollute the air.

One advantage of surgery is that it can saves peoples lives.
One disadvantage is that it can kill people.

One advantage of the ocean is that animals need it to live.
One disadvantage is that a hurricane can happen and destroy land.

One advantage of contacts is that they can make you see better.
One disadvantage is that it can cut your eye or you can get a infection.

Max D.

The car helps transportation but cause's pollution.
The gun helps feed people but it can cause violence and death.
cell phones are a great way of communication but cause stalking and other invasions of personal space.
the internet helps people every day but can exposed inappropriate content to underage people.
medicine help's sick people but can be used for the wrong reason's causing violence.

joshua short

I-pod can hold atleast 500-1000 songs on there. It catches your attention by lighting up and making sound. It can negatively affect your life by if you spill water on it or just by breaking it. A computer knows everything. It catches your attention by lighting up or by making sound. It can negatively affect your life by if it crashes down on you and you cant do nothing with it. Headphones makes sounds. You can plug them into an I-pod to play music. It can negatively affect your life by if it breaks or if the wires get cut. A microwave can heat up microwavable food. It can negatively affect your life by if you put something metal or alluminum in it while your making something it will blow up. An electric scooter. An electric scooter can charge up and take you places. It can negatively affect your life by if it dies out on you or if you take out the battery.

kayla l

- cars its benefits on life is on-demand transportation, mobility, independence and convenience the negatively effect is that it costs a lot and the gas prices are going up.
-shoes its benefits on life is protect the foot and comfort the human foot while doing various activities and the negatively effect is that they can cost a lot and they wear out after a long time.
-cell phones its benefits on life is be aloud to call if some one is hurt or dieing the negatively effect is that it drestacts many drivers and causes may to die or be hurt.
-laptop or computer its benefits on life is be aloud on the internet the negatively effect is that it uses electricity.
-i pod its benefits on life is be aloud to listen to music the negatively effect is that a diver may get in a crash for listen to it

Jordan B. David B.

.1 Air Travel (airplane)- Airplanes can get you from place to place. A negative is that an airplane could malfunction and crash and injured or kill people.

.2 Electricity- An advantages of electricity is modern technology such as computers. A disadvantage of electricity is you could get electrocuted.

.3 Power tools- Power tools can help fix or build things faster. Instead of hammering a nail, you can use a drill. A disadvantage of power tool is that the can injure or kill you.

.4 Motorcycles - They are fun to ride,and they also give you transportation. A disadvantage is that you can cause or get into an accident and get very hurt or killed.

.5 Cellphones- Cellphones are very useful. You can make calls , pay bills and check your e-mail. A disadvantage is that people can hack into your phone and steal important information.

Jade B

5 advances in technology are

Ipods how they benefit life is it lets you listen to music where ever you are. how it negatively effect life is uses alot of energy battery use.

headphones how they benefit life is they help block out sound listen to music without it be loud for everyone to it negatively benefit life is you won't be able to hear who is behind you or if a car is coming and it hits you.

cars how cars benefit life is it gets you from point A to B. how it negatively benefit life is it uses alot of gas and pollution.

electricity how it benefits life is it give you power to light and tv. how it negatively benefit life is it can electrocute you.

microwave how it benefits you is it can heat food up fast. how it can negatively benefit life is it use alot of electricity.

Tyler P.

The five advancements/technology that I chose that have postive and negative effects on the planet are:

Cars have limit transportation time from ten days to ten hours (example) yet they produce carbon monoxide that damage the ozone and pollute the atmosphere damaging lungs in humans and animals alike.

Electricity provides heat and light to many homes across the planet yet it uses fossil fuels to be powered in most areas but, water, wind, and solar energy can be an alternative that isn't always easy to obtain.

Computers are an easier and faster way for messages to get across the globe yet there is a constant increase in cyber-bullying leading to more suicides in minors, most of the time across the U.S.

Paper was the first type of communication invented which was commonly used long before the computer and texting was invented yet deforestation has led to less oxygen in the atmosphere because plants and human have a mutual relationship since our breathing cycle is the opposite.

Vaccines are created from the same viruses that threaten the human affected by the disease but sometimes these same vaccines can develop diseases for which they were vaccinated.

Those are the five inventions that I chose that have postive and negative effects.

Nathan L.

a knife can help us hunte and kill for food but it can also kill people to so it can help us for food and it also is bad to kill people so one way is to help for food and 2cd way is to kill.

Anthony R.

Trains- +trains carry cargo and things other people need
- trains run on fossil fuel and cause more pollution.

Nathan L.

knife can help us hunt for food but it can kill people as will.

a gun is to help us to hunt for food but it can also kill people.

a game system is fun for people but it can keep us from doing are stuff that were have to do.

muisc mp3s are ok to listen to byt it can invent us from looking for cars for us to walk across streets and sidewalks.

a psp and handheld game are fun but it cand keeep people for waching the streets.


2. Gives people information,Saves information,Contact people.

archai b

Tatoos.. +sometimes it shows respect(depends on what you get) and its cute. -It can damage your skin and cause an infection if things go wrong.

Pools.. +you can learn how to swim in them and have fun also.
-you can drownd in them.

Rubber bands.. +they hold your hair in ponytails.
they can pull your hair out and break it off.

Airplane.. +it travels fast.
-you could crash.

The Internet.. +you can browse around and find information.
-you can be stalked and harrased.

jermaine b.h

1.)computer. +you can search things an people like numbers an you could contact people. -if you stay on it to long it could cause you to stay on it for hours an mess up your sleep an brain cells. 2.)ear phones. +you can listen to music on your phone or i pods etc. it could calm your nerves down. -if has caused car accidents which people have been hit you cant really hear is someones behind you or following you. 3.)phones. +its a good thing because you can text call people an exchange pictures. -the bad causes are when people exchange nasty pictures of each other an it could cause accidents in many ways. 4.)television. +you could watch any thing an new shows an keep up with the weather and news. -it causes bad things to watch as rated r movies an kids seeing bad things. 5.)cigarettes. +its positive because it helps people get rich. -it leads to cancer or death.

cordaysia j

CLOTHS..+KEEPS EVERY ONE WORM - Wherein them off your but.

PHONES... +allows for contact and wireless communication-potential danger with wireless signals.

TV..+LEARN on health channels

Anthony R.

3. T.V + it can tell people useless things
-it can be addicted

Dajon D.

1. Car - helps get people to place to place.
you can get into an accident with other people.

2. Stove - allows you to cook meals.
if hot you can burn yourself.

3. T.V. - you can watch for entertainment.
t.v. could also damage your eye sight.

4. Radio - able to listen to music and listen to news.
if music loud it could mess up hearing.

5. Wall plug - can be use for giving off eletric to other eletric object.
you can get electrocuted.

Emma S

1. Pesticides - decreased Malaria, a very harmful disease. The potential danger is that it poisoned the food chain.

2. Sewer systems - help with the collections of waste water but the potential danger is that microorganisms live in there and might spread diseases to every human.

3. Tractors/combines- do the farming to make it faster but the potential danger is that it is using so much fuel and ruining the environment.

4. Vaccines- help people get immune to it and not get infected. Also if they do have a disease then the shot will help it heal more efficiently.

5. Refrigerator- stores food for us so it won't spoil. The potential danger is that it takes a whole electricity to make it work.


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