Take a few minutes to write a positive paragraph about what you did this summer.  Please write it in the comment section of the post.  Remember to only use your first name and last initial.  Do not include your email address or website info.


Mr. Reese
Marissa T

This summer, the things that I did to occupy my time were some of the following: I went to Canton with my best friend Miranda. The house we were staying at was her Aunt Karen and Uncle Natales' house. We stayed there for a whole week, we went to the Portage Lakes to go swimming. Also, I spent a whole week at another friends' house. Just last week, On Friday, I went with my brother and sister and friend to the Springfield vs. Ellet football game. If you really think about it, I didn't do much.

k'ala B.

Well didn't do much but i went to Cedar Point with my youth group,plus i went to Fun'n'Stuff, and the rest of the summer i just went swimming place an friend house.


For my summer:I raced my bmx bike i got a haro and i got 1st in the city of akron,3rd in the state of ohio(no joke). went 2 yankee lake truck night with my fam.Went 2 water works 2 bmx and swim,And helping my dad build his 67 amc rambler. And got a truck it has a 6 inch lift (its mine)

Dajon D.

This summer i went to the movies and went out of state to visted family also went surfing.I also went to a beach party and went fishing.


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