This week is split into two parts...You must complete both parts to earn full credit this week!

Part 1...Study the graph  and use it to complete the quiz.  The answers come straight to me and only I can view them.
                                    "Water Usage in the United States (2005)"
Part 2....Posted in the comment Section of this post!

    Using the at least 5 of the processes of the water cycle (listed below), you are to write a story as if you were a drop of water going on a journey through the water cycle.  Make sure you include each phase of the water cycle and that it is in the proper order.  You can start at any stage of the cycle, however the stage you start with should be the same stage you finish with.   Be creative and accurate!

Use the following processes:
  • Evaporation--->Liquid water is converted into water vapor
  • Condensation--->Water vapor is converted into liquid water
  • Melting--->Ice is converted into liquid water
  • Freezing--->liquid water is converted to ice
  • Sublimation--->ice is converted into water vapor
  • Precipitation--->water vapor in the air condenses to form drops heavy enough to fall to the Earth’s surface.

OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences C
Describe interactions of matter and energy throughout the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere (e.g., water cycle, weather and pollution).
OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Scientific Inquiry B
Analyze and interpret data from scientific investigations using appropriate mathematical skills in order to draw valid conclusions.