Research, using a credible news source, a current science topic in the news.  Topics might include....
  • Technology
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Medical technology/research
  • Wildlife
  • weather (large scale not daily weather reports)
  • Astronomy
  • Space Travel
  • many many more
Assignment, answer in comment section...

  1. copy and paste link for the article
  2. summarize article in 5-7 sentences
  3. Describe the impact of this scientific advancement
  4. Include your own opinion on the topic

Scientific investigations are organized attempts to seek out, describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena. Scientific investigations are often performed to explore new phenomena, verify the results of previous investigations, test theoretical predictions, and discriminate between competing theories.


1.  List and describe a few of the types of scientific investigations listed in Study Island.

2.  Create you own hypothesis about a topic, a hypothesis that can be tested.  Write your hypothesis and tell what type of scientific investigation would be needed to test it.