Energy can be transformed, or changed, from one form to another.

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1.  Provide an example of chemical energy transforming.
2.  Provide an example of the Sun's nuclear  energy transforming.
3.  Provide an example of thermal or heat energy transforming.
4.  Provide an example of potential energy transforming to kinetic energy.
Energy comes in many different forms....

  1. List the 7 types of energy listed on page 1 in study island.
  2. Complete the simulation you change the variables for the skater what happens to the amount of energy used? 
  3. Explain what the Law of Conservation of Energy is.
Humans depend on energy for many activities every day. There are many different ways of obtaining, transforming, and distributing this energy, each of which has different environmental consequences.

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  1. Select an energy source (renewable or nonrenewable) and make a case or argue why it is the best source of energy for people to use.  Include at least five facts about the energy source (for example, location, how abundant it is, is it renewable/nonrenewable, cost, and so on...). 
  2. Include at least on professional source other than study island with your Wikipedia this time, fine a credible website dedicated to your energy source....copy and paste the web address in your post.
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