_Matter can undergo physical and chemical changes. When a physical change occurs, a substance changes without altering its composition. When a chemical change occurs, a substance has chemically reacted to form one or more different substances.

  1. Complete the Changes Online LAB  (click on lab to use the link then click on run module)
  2. Post in the comment section 3 examples of Physical Changes AND 3 examples of Chemical Changes
  3. Explain the Law of Conservation of Matter (can be found on page 2 of study island lesson)
_Matter on Earth is generally found in one of three different states: solid, liquid, or gas. Another common state of matter that is much more rare on earth is plasma. The state of matter that a substance has depends on the arrangement of the particles, the attractions between particles, and the amount of energy the particles possess.

Assignment...Only 1 question this week, be complete and detailed.

1.  Using water as an example, in one paragraph describe the list the three phases of matter that water exhibits, how it changes from one phase to the other and whether or not the mass of the matter changes as it goes from phase to phase. 

Assignment...In the comment section answer the following...
  1. What is the difference between adaptation and extinction?
  2. What are two ways mentioned in the study island lesson that Humans impact the environment (found on page 2)
  3. List the three natural processes in which the environment changes. (page 1)
  4. Look up (research) and list 3 animals that have gone extinct in the past 100 years due to human impact on the environment.  
Below is a video on extinction, it is an hour long and the quality isn't perfect but there is a lot of good info!  Enjoy
Some organisms have favorable traits that are well-suited to their immediate environment. Organisms with this advantage are more likely to thrive, reproduce, and pass their traits to future generations than organisms without those favorable traits. This process is known as natural selection.

Watch the video below and notice a few examples describing natural selection.  This theory suggests that all organisms are related to each other if you go back far enough in time.   

After watching the video please see the assignment below...

Assignment....to be completed in the comment section....
  1. Define and provide and example of an adaptation
  2. What is a mutation and how can they benefit organisms.