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This week you are to take a closer look at rocks and minerals. For your assignment complete the following:
  1. Compare and contrast Rocks and Minerals...Include 5 Characteristics specific to rocks, 5 Characteristics specific to Minerals and 5 common characteristics of both. (10 points)
  2. List 5 examples of Rocks...Include the name and a brief description (2.5 points)
  3. List 5 examples of Minerals...Include the name and a brief description (2.5 points)

This should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete...please organize your blog post into 3 sections for each part of the assignment.
The above map is an image of the current weather in the United States...Using the information in Study Island, post a paragraph describing the current weather patterns in the US. (information for this can be found on page 3 of the lesson)

You must include the following in your response...
  • Describe what the H stands for and where (use state names) they are located on the map. (2.5 points)
  • Describe what the L stands for and where (use state names) they are located on the map. (2.5 points)
  • Tell what type of fronts are on the map and where they are located (2.5 points)
  • If there is any precipitation on the map, describe where and what it is. (2.5 points)
  • This post should be at least 5 sentences long (2.5 points) and written like a weather forecast that would appear on TV. (2.5 points)
A quality post will be detailed and should take 20-30 minutes to complete.
Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station.

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 5-7 sentences
  4. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article. (this should be what you think...opinion!)
  5. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:
Investigate 5 earthquakes that have occurred over the past 100 years.  Tell where they occurred, when they occurred, what kind of damage occurred and how it effected the landscape.  Make sure to include all of this info for each quake you investigate. 

***For one earthquake find a primary source describing the incident...This means you are to find a first hand description of what the earthquake was like.  (this would include a news report description of the event or an eyewitness account of the quake)

Include references in your post describing where you found your info...a

Use the internet to look up earthquakes (link below)

List of earthquakes
This week you are to write a paragraph detailing the following...

Pretend you are making a Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Write a paragraph describing the different layers (there are five you should mention) you pass as you reach the center of Earth.  Make sure you use the scientific terms for each layer.  Refer to Study Island for information. 

Hint...use the Physical Properties

Remember to include what the composition of each layer is (whats its made up of).

Should be at least 6 sentences long

This week Answer the following questions in detailed, complete sentences.  These come right from the Study Island lesson.
  1. Why is a year 365 days?
  2. What effect does the moon have on ocean tides?
  3. Why do we have night and day? 
  4. What causes us to have seasons?
  5. Name the 4 phases of the moon.
Please number each answer and submit them in the comment section.

Mr. Reese
Remember we are working in the 8th grade Study Island section. 

This week take a look at page 3 of this Lesson in Study Island or use the link below.  Click on the simulation for Gravity and Orbits.  Explore the different scenarios to learn how  size, velocity, and distance effect Gravity and the orbits of celestial bodies.


  1. On the simulation for the earth and the sun, what happens when you increase the size of the sun?  What happens when you decrease the size of the sun?
  2. What happens when you increase the size of the earth and the sun stays the same size?
  3. On the simulation for the earth and the moon, what happens when you decrease the size of the earth?  What happens when you increase the size of the earth?  What happens when you increase the size of the moon or decrease the size of the moon?
  4. Give a quick summary of what these simulations show.

Use the video above and information from Study Island to create your Journal Entry this week.  Remember to include at least five sentences and to base your entry on facts.

Post your answer in the comment section of this
_Information for this section will be found under 8th grade science in Study Island.
_Assignment....Complete the following questions in complete sentences and post them in the comment section of this blog.

1.  What does the following statement describe..."planets → solar system → galaxy → universe".  (5 points)

2.  Name three of the types of galaxies listed on page two of the study island lesson and also list the name of our galaxy. (5 points)

3.  Name three different tools scientists use to study the Universe (3 points)

4.  Research and list two American Astronomers and describe what they discovered or are famous for. (2 points)


OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences B
Explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter, most of which is at incomprehensible distances and held together by gravitational force. Describe how the universe is studied by the use of equipment such as telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft.