In Class Activity for Monday 10/3: Current Events -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station (links below). 

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 4-6 sentences
  4. Create a time line for your story with at least 5 dates/events (if you cant find 5 dates research the topic and find out some history on it)
  5. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article.
  6. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:

No links for video
10/3/2011 02:23:35

Ohio gas price declines again

The price of gas in ohio continues to drop toward the $3.00 mark.
Wright Express reported the average cost of a gallon of regular - grade gasoline was $3.20 in Ohio.
Nationwide, the average price of regular gas is $3.42 a gallon.
$3.20 thats down 12 cents from the average of $3.32 a week ago.
This data shows that residents are making less money and therefore may cut back on spending for fuel and other items.


2006/$2.00 2007/$2.87 2008/ $3.00
2009/$2.94 2010/$3.14 2011/$3.42

i think this article was interesting because the price of gas kept rising and dropping each year. i wonder what it will be like next year.

Ricky D
10/3/2011 02:29:09

Asian mosquitoes come to California.The little blood-suckers are tiny, but deadly.
The mosquitoes are spreading diseases that normal mosquitoes can't.No one knows
how they got here,but the problem won't go away any time soon.

Reno. S
10/3/2011 02:30:19

Crossing Over, and Over

officials say they are trying to break the yo yo effect of people bouncing back re entry in the 1900.

President Obama has already deported around 1.1 million immigrants, more than any president, officials say the numbers will not decline.

Deportation is expensive, and it often does not work. between October 2008 and July 22 of this year.
offenders have become a high priority. Prosecutions for illegal re entry have jumped by more than two thirds since 2008-2009

I think that illegals that cross the border and either commit crimes or break laws should be deported,
Because of employment many states are in bankrupt,immigrants bring sickness and affect our way of life, and i think there are to many of them.

Jordan P.
10/3/2011 02:31:37

Politicians pat themselves on the back for another government shutdown. Republicans see cutting spending and tackling entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare as the right path and anything to do with raising taxes as a non-starter.Democrats advocate a combination of spending cuts and tax increase. Both parties are waiting until the election of 2012 for a sign from voters.

Sierra J
10/3/2011 02:31:40

There is going to be 26 pieces of space junk or debris coming towards Earth. All together there will be about 6 tons. The biggest piece of debris will most likely be 330 pounds. The odds of the space junk hitting a popular area is remote. The debris will mostly likely land in an ocean or unpopular area.

I am scared to know that this may happen because it is possible for it to land anywhere and it could land in Akron and it is likely for it to kill many people. This article is interesting to me and I am glad to know that this may happen so if it does I will be prepared.

David F.
10/3/2011 02:31:51

Amamda Knox is in prison for murdering her roommate or so they say she murdered her friend.Knox had to serving 27 years in prison for the murder.Knox's lawyers told the court had been 'Crucified' by the media during the investigation and trial. Frist Amanda spoke after her ex-boyfriend and after her co-defendant after her arrest in November 2007

Jessica H
10/3/2011 02:32:01

Lives Changed By A Text Message
They are sending women that are in need of desperate child birth help.
It cost's 60 for them to travel to were they can get care.
They text the money to pay for the bus's and the fee of them traveling.
Some women make the trip just tho have the child die in the birth.
Some woman are paralyzed by giving birth for the extreme pain .
Some women die from it them self’s and some times the child can survive even when the mother dose not.

10/3/2011 02:32:02

The price of gas in Ohio continues to fall toward the $3 point. The everyday cost of a gallon of regular grade gasoline was $3.20 in Ohio. That's down to about 12 cents from the price of $3.32 per gallon a week ago. It's almost a dollar lower than the record high of $4.16 that drivers paid in May,2011. in the U.S. the average cost of gas is $3.42 a gallon.Oil prices have made warnings over the possibility of another global decline. Some study's believe those prices may plummet because of U.S. info that show people are making less money and may cut back on spending for fuel and other items.

i think Were still gonna pay in the long run.because They'll always come up with some story to recover money that they say was lost.

kaytlyn t
10/3/2011 02:32:56

Obama called a meeting to defend on the marriage act on Saturday night at the annual Human Rights Campaign fund raising dinner but he did not come out to support the marriage equality as some hoped he would .He did make a small part of his speech about the fact that you shouldn’t be bullied and have to always look over your shoulder to be gay and the 3,000 people that were in the stands were touched by his speech because most almost all believed in his speech that it was okay to be gay .

1.Obama attended the Human Rights Campaign .
2.He talked about that law he was going to pass a hate pass law .
3.He made a speech defending the gays .
4.He helped a lot of gays with the little part of his speech that defended the gays

10/3/2011 03:14:41

What i research this week is it took 6 to 7 days to find Osama bin Laden.In 200l a plane struck the twin towers it was a big disater many peaple was killed.Then in 2011 usa cought Osama bin Laden.The peaple that died in 911 didnt die in vain.But what i wnat to know is how are we diffrent from osama.?

10/3/2011 03:16:03

Starbucks wants $5 more, to create U.S. jobs star bucks wants $5 donation to give more jobs. Starbucks says 100% of donations will go toward loans for companies and organizations that can add jobs or stem job losses.The organization, created 27 years ago, has invested $23.2 billion and generated nearly 300,000 jobs through 2009.... What i think about this is that starbucks should give back money not take it and they should not need are money to get us jobs....

Autumn S.
10/3/2011 03:19:46

This article was about a girl named Amanda Knox.She had killed her roommate and was sent to jail but she went to court and said that she did not kill her roommate and she is asking them to give her,her life after years of being in jail.She went to jail in 2007.She also said that she's paying for her life with something that she didn't do.Amanda said I've lost a friend in the worst, most brutal, most inexplicable way possible," she said of the murder of Meredith Kercher, a 21-year-old Briton who shared an apartment with Knox when they were both students in Perugia.Amanda was sentenced to 27 years.

Cheyenne G.
10/3/2011 03:27:02

This article is about online textbooks moving into Washington area schools.They are saying that we are using more technology now then we were back then.I don't think we use a lot of technology .It makes it easier for us .I like so that all that matters to me.It is the Washington area’s most extensive foray into online textbooks, putting Fairfax at the leading edge of a digital movement that publishers and educators say inevitably will sweep schools nationwide.

Da'Niesha k.
10/3/2011 04:16:09

Facebook, Gives more information then people probably need or have. Whatever you post is gone to shoe up on a fan page. Everybody can see what you post like a friend of a friend or something.
Facebook Is now allowing a timeline like what you did back then all the way up to now.

10/3/2011 04:21:07 Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet goes head-to-head with apple ipad2.Even before CEO Jeff Bezzo announced the Kindle Fire tablet at a packed press conference here Wednesday, the market for slate-style computers was on fire. Practically every tech manufacturer under the sun has brought out a table.yet the apple ipad2 has been more pipping-best seller dousing the tablet dreams for companies ranging from Research In Motion to Hewlett-Packard. I think that that the product is at a very good price and i think that it will be the best seller. announced 9/28/11 comeing to stores 11/15/11 It was made on 8/5/11 amazon was founded in 2007

10/3/2011 04:27:54

Star Bucks wants 5$ to donate to a nonprofit organization to help out poor community’s and help find jobs in this recession. This program was created by Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks. When you donate five dollars u get a red white and blue wrist ban that has the word indivisible printed on it. Schultz says the this is using the power of Star Bucks for good. Starbucks is covering operational costs to get loans out through the Jobs for the USA. The star buck program is giving 5million to the opportunity finance network. The money will help make more jobs by giving other company’s loans so they will not have to fire staff of lay them off. Making more jobs in the USA.

I think that Howard Schultz has a terrific job at what he is doing and hope to see more of what he is doing from other major company’s like McDonalds and Buger king!!!!!!!

1971-Starbucks Opens
1982- Howard Schultz join Starbucks as a marketing and retail director
1984- Howard convinces them to sell coffee at star bucks
1985 coffee stays on the menu as a permanent item and is one of the main reasons star bucks is so important
2011-they started the 5dollar program

Logan W
10/3/2011 04:28:50

I watched a video on assassin creed for ps3 this is a new game it is the 4th one that was made and it is placed in Italy around 1400's-1500's.

2007 the first one came out 2009 the second came out the 2010 is when the third came out fourth will come out in 2012.

10/3/2011 04:30:06

People say there going to join Google. Plus google cant delete all are info cause they have everthing on us anyways. They say facebook uses cookie tech to monitor users around the world to keep track of people using facebook.Crime gang try to hack the facebook tech so they can trick users to downloading a virus on to there computer.
I Think This is really cool in some way becuase there makeing facebook more privet from other people that will mess with ur account.

10/3/2011 04:30:32

The stocks are down again,stocks trimmed their loses Monday after a report showed manufacturing at a faster pace in September than in August.Stocks initially followed European markets lower on the first day of the new quarter.

I was surprised that Benchmark indexes in Germany,France,and Spain fell more than 2%.

Jordan J
10/3/2011 04:31:32

The game BATTLEFIELD 3 has some issues and glitchs, so the
company is trying fix the issues. The company is giving gamers
more detail in game play, so when you get a kill there is more
realness in the death. When you throw a grenade, it blow the
scene apart. While giving gamers more realness, the company
gave them more land to roam on.

2010 was the release date for BATTLEFEILD 3

i think battlefield 3 is a awsome, i love the graphics. in my opinion, the creator did a good job.

Kala B.
10/3/2011 06:12:03

The Article I'm doing is Women Smokers Are At Greater Risk For Heart Disease Than Men.While reading the article I learned that researchers say that women absorb more carcinogens and other toxic agents in cigarettes compared to men.Another thing I learned I is that researchers found that women who smoked had a 25 percent higher risk of having a heart attack than men who smoked.Then I learned that this risk is increases by 2 percent for every year the women smoked, compared with men who smoked equally as long.Another thing is that researchers noted that they found a higher risk for lung cancer among women who smoked, compared with men.And researchers say that that smoking raises the risk of coronary heart disease in men and women.Another thing is in 2003, approximately 37% of adults reported having two or more of these risk and they are Inactivity,Obesity,High Blood Pressure,Cigarette Smoking,High Cholesterol,Diabetes.Another thing is In a 2005 survey, most respondents—92%—recognized chest pain as a symptom of a heart attack.Another thing is in 2006, 631,636 people died of heart disease. Heart disease caused 26% of deaths—more than one in every four—in the United States.Then Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2006 were women.The last thing is In 2010, heart disease will cost the United States $316.4 billion.3 This total includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity.My reaction to this article was discussing because I don't know why people smoke.An I don't know why people want to get lung cancer and heart disease because they want to smoke.


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