In Class Activity 2/29 Current Events -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station.

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 5-7 sentences
  4. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article. (this should be what you think...opinion!)
  5. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:
2/28/2012 22:00:29

A car crashed into a Lorain house early Wednesday morning, Fox 8′s Patty Harken reported from SkyFOX.
The vehicle somehow ended up smashing into the front porch of the home located near the intersection of West 9th Street and Long Avenue.
As of 6:30 a.m., emergency crews and a tow truck were at the scene.
There is no official word yet on whether or not slick roads caused the car to lose control. I think that it was good that no one got hurt. In conclusion cars definetlly needs upgraded

2/28/2012 22:07:13

At Chardon high school there were 10 shots fired in the cafeteria. And the suspect went into the school and picked his victims randomly. And he shot and killed 3 students and injured 2.(What i think is that kids parents should ask them how was school to see if they had any troubles or anything like that or even go up to the school every other week or so)

Tesha Strobelt-McCann
2/28/2012 22:14:34

In the US coast guard there is one man dead and three people missing in a helicopter crash in Mobile Bay, Alabama. The helicopter went missing during a training mission on Wednesday. The cause of the crash remains under further investigation.
My reaction to reading this article was that I felt bad for the people who were lost and their families.

Logan W
2/28/2012 22:14:50

LeBron James high school years. Freshman years LeBron James bursts onto the scene with 15 points in his very first game with St. Vincent-St. Mary. He and his teammates never looked back, winning a state championship with a perfect 27-0 record. His junior year LeBron lands on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Shaquille O'Neal stops by to watch a game. More national accolades pour in. the Irish come close but got stop short in bid for a third consecutive state title. His sophomore year National media takes LeBon James was ranked the best among sophomore's in the U.S. he won the second state title. His senior year The Hummer and throwback jersey controversies emerge. LeBron loses his eligibility, gets it back. Irish team perseveres to win third state title in four years. LeBron heads off to Cavs, NBA. I think he should move back to Cleveland. Cause when he moved to maim clevland started to lose all the time.

Jessie Heisser
2/28/2012 22:16:01

Painesville man charged with making threats on Facebook

((I find it appalling that he would do that I find it irritating that they would do that and put the family's through more hell))

A 20 year old man named Anthony Harris is now being charged for threatening more children from Chardon, He claimed "I promise there will be more dead kids from Chardon"

Rayshawna Thomas
2/28/2012 22:17:04

Their was a Falcon found and Akron. It was a boy in thethe city named him Bandit. He came from Detriot and flew to Akron and july 1996. He was killed cause he flew into a bus shelter.Bandit and his mate made other falcons and they are located on 11th floor of the landmark building and downtown Akron.

2/28/2012 22:17:30

Wellington, New Zealand
Scientists reconstruct fossil of extinct giant penguin.

It took 26 million years but experts from New Zealand and the United States have reconstructed the fossil skeleton of one of the giant sea birds for the first time.

Revealing long wings, a slender build and a spear-like bill that have them describing it as one elegant bird.

The scientists say the bird they have dubbed Kairuku — Maori for "diver who returns with food" — stood about 4 feet 2 inches tall and had a body shape unique from any previously known penguin, living or extinct.

Jordan P.
2/28/2012 22:46:06

The shooting at Chardon High School Feb. 27 2012. The shooter shot 5 kids at Chardon 3 died 1 was able to go home but the other still remains in the Hospital. T.J Lane is a suspect in the shooting. the parents of the victims said that the kids barley new him and it is still unknown why he shot them. Everyone says that they never thought this could happen to them but the truth is it can happen anywhere.

reno S.
2/28/2012 22:46:49

Co-founder of Redrock Micro, a company that makes cinema

accessories, has been taking pictures of the stars for three years.

"I'm curious about the natural world," he says , turned into an

obsession that finds him spending many evenings behind his

camera and telescope.

Valente took his first astrophotograph in 2009

(My response) I think it would be interesting hobby taking pictures of stars and possibly discovering new things ,

2/28/2012 22:50:49

Police in this western Ohio college town say a man was choking her with her purse straps and punching her in the forehead when a deer jumped up and raced past, scaring the man away.

Sgt. Jon Varley said the incident happened early Sunday after the woman left a party. He tells The Cincinnati Enquirer he can’t recall anything similar in his 17-year career.

He says the woman suffered red marks and bruises but didn’t require medical treatment. None of her property was taken when the man ran away. I think that it's funny that a deer saved a life.The robber was shocked to see a deer/cop.

Kaytlyn T
2/28/2012 22:53:59

On February 27th At Chardon School 17 Year Old T.J Lane Admitted To Taking A .22-Caliber Pistol And A Knife To School And Firing 10 Shoots At The Kids In The Cafeteria And Also Killed 5 Students.
I Think That The Shooting Is Horrible And T.J Lane Should Go To Jail For Life .!

Kathrine E.
2/28/2012 22:54:46

the United States have reconstructed the fossil skeleton of one of the giant sea birds .

The scientists say that the bird they have dubbed Kairuku.

The first Kairuku bones were discovered 35 years ago.

The bird is about a foot taller than the largest modern-day penguin.

The scientists believe the remaining isolated, rocky land masses helped keep the penguins safe

response:I think this story is interesting because it is about penguins.It is also interesting because it is about penguin fossils.

Sierra J
2/28/2012 22:56:01

At Chardon High School Danny Parmentor, Russell King Jr., and Demetrius Hewlin was shot and killed. Russell was pronounced brain dead Monday night, and later dead. Nate Mueller was grazed by a bullet and identified T. J. Lane as the shooter. This is a horrible tragedy.

2/28/2012 22:57:49

Scientists reconstruct fossil of extinct giant penguin. 'Kairuku' stood about 4ft 2inches tall and weighed about 132 pounds, 50% more than an emperor penguin. the bones were found by Ewan Fordyce 35 years ago in new Zealand . Ewan Fordyce and Dan Ksepka partnered up to reconstruct a skeleton from multiple sets of fossils, using a king penguin as a model.Kairuku lived in the Oligocene period, about 26 million years ago.there many reasons why the giant penguins might have became extinct,it could of been climate change,predators,or competition of food from other creatures. I don't think much about this article ,to me its just 1 of the million's of discoveries there are to find in this world.

2/28/2012 23:02:06

At Chardon High School. A young man went to school and decided to shoot fellow classmates.most everyone followed standard rules but the young man shoot randomly in a crowd of students.Out of the 5 people shoot, 3 are dead 1 is in very bad condition and the other has been released from the hospital.

Autumn Sullivan & Devionne Bigby
2/28/2012 23:32:57

At Chardon High School A Young Man Went Too School And Went In The Cafeteria And Shot 5 Boys . 3 Have Died And 2 Are In The Hospital. I Really Believe That Them 5 Boys Was Bulling This Young Man And Thats Why He Shot Them And Probably Tried Too Kill Them. I Think That Bulling Really Need Too Stop Because All 5 Of Those Boys Could Of Died But Only 3 Did . The Boy That Shot The 5 Boys Probably Was Gone Kill Him Self If He Didn't Get Too Shoot The Five Boys . The Boy Should Of Talked Too His Parents Or The Police Or A Concealer Too Let All His Anger Out Instead Of Going To The School Shooting. That's Why People Need Too Stop Bullying Because They Dont No What Problems This Boy Had Out Of School.

2/28/2012 23:39:50

Two days ago Chardon High school was under gun fire three of the 5 was killed.On Monday a boy smuggled a hand gun in a High School and shot 10 times five was hit the boy was mentliy ill some said but no one knows his problem or why he did it but the town was terrfied of this terrble thing that happen to them..

Shianne P.
2/28/2012 23:45:25

The Chardon High School shootings have led to dangerous acts in other schools around Ohio. In Green, at Green High School there was a bomb threat and the high school had to evacuate the building. After searching for hours, they found the threat to be false and students could go back to school.But, police are now taking comments and threats more seriously. An example is: A boy posted pictures on the internet of him with a gun, and had to be questioned by the police about it, and his gun was taken away.
I think that schools have become less safe, and should have more security, and locker searches in case of students who carry weapons. They could go crazy, shoot and injure/kill other students or teachers.

Brad L, Cody N
2/29/2012 01:55:28

This article is about the Craigslist murders. The murder's name is Richard James Beasley. He murdered 3 people. He had put an add on Craigslist for a help wanted ad. The victims were: David Pauley, Timothy Kern, and Ralph Geiger. (What we think about this article, If people were a little smarter and meet in a more public place first these killings could have been avoided.)

2/29/2012 16:59:21

the shooting at Chardon High School that has left three students dead and two others hurt.For more than 10 minutes after gunfire erupted Monday morning at Chardon High School, one faculty member begged a dispatcher to send help immediately, as reports of critically injured students poured in from those seeking refuge throughout the locked-down school


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