Grading Period 2, Week 2: Energy Transformation -              Mr. Reese Science and Social Studies
The total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant. Energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.

This week you are to explore the website below (click on the image below the assignment) and create closed circuits.  Try to create as many different possibilities as you can. 

  1. Describe in a 2 separate sentences 2 working circuits you created on the website, please include all parts of the complete circuit you used. (5 points each, 10 points total)
  2. Choose one of the circuits from above and explain how energy is changing forms in your circuit. one sentence (5 points)
  3. Please post in the comment section, answer should be at least 3 sentences.

OH Grade 7, Science Standard Physical Sciences 5
Trace energy transformation in a simple closed system (e.g., a flashlight). Covered by Study Island Topic:
Energy Transformations
11/15/2011 22:10:26

i put 6 batteries 4 wires 4 light bolbs and energy connects bye being in a closed area were it can charge everthing and keep chargen with out a problem but if 1 on the wires blows they all stop working

11/15/2011 22:10:31

my circurt is connected by a wire 2 batteries connected to each end of the to wires tho the light switch to the light bulb that is 35volts that is my circurt

James F.
11/15/2011 22:12:01

My first circuit had 10 wires 9 batteries and 3 light bulbs connected by lights.It starts at 2 batteries and a wire then it splits off to two lights then the first one split again off to two batteries and 4 batteries and goes back to start and the other one uses another wire and goes back to start

thomas swoope
11/15/2011 22:13:18

3 wires that I put to gather.

7 light bubs.

a switch that i used to turn it on

bobbyjo U
11/15/2011 22:15:29

6 batterys are cneted to 4 light bulb and the light bulbs are cneted yo 6 wrie energy changing form as long as there put together and then it will form in to energy

raicharr w.
11/15/2011 23:29:17

I made a energy circuit that has 4 wires ,2 batteries,1 light bulb, and a switch.I made the light bulb shine brightly by transforming energy.My examples go from battery to battery ,wire to paperclip , paperclip to wire,wire to light bulb, light bulb to wire, wire to switch,switch to wire , then back to battery.

My energy changes from electrical energy to light energy to heat energy because the light produces heat.

Kaytlyn T
11/15/2011 23:36:43

1.I connected the to wires to a light bulb and a battery and when I connected the circuit the light wasn't very bright.
2.I connected a light bulbs and pencil lead and 2 batteries and three wires the light was very small.

Kwency C.
11/15/2011 23:38:56

For the first one I used 3 light bulbs,wire,a battery,paperclip,penny,and a light switch.Second one I used 2 light bulbs,wire,3 batteries.The second one energy is changing forms by the voltage in the batterie then through the wire to the light bulb

Ricky D
11/15/2011 23:41:55

One of the circuits I made include:4 wires,4 batteries,and 1 light bulb.My other one included:1 dog,3 wires,and 2 batteries.Since I connected 2 batteries together,the light from the bulb was dimmed.So,the batteries make light energy.

Jordan P.
11/15/2011 23:45:13

I have 4 batteries 5 light bulbs and a switch. switch-wire-battery-wire-bulb-battery-wire-bulb-wire-bulb-wire-battery-wire-battery-wire-bulb-wire-bulb-wire-bulb-wire

On the second one I have three paper clips three wires a battery and a light bulb. switch-wire-paper clip-battery-paper clip-wire-bulb-wire-paper clip-wire.

They both worked.

Sierra J
11/15/2011 23:45:24

For my first circuit I have a switch, a wire, light bulb, wire, battery, wire, light bulb, wire, battery, wire, light bulb, wire, battery, and a wire.

For my second circuit I have a battery, wire, light bulb, wire, paper clip, wire, battery, wire, light bulb, wire, battery, wire, light bulb, wire, paper clip, wire, paper clip, and another wire.

Both of my circuits worked.

David f
11/15/2011 23:45:48

I used 3 Wires,1 Lightbulb,1 Battery,and 1 Switch and i used Voltmeter to check speed and the speed is 14.75 and the other circuit 6 Wires,2 Lightbulbs,2 Battery and 1 Switch and i used the
Voltmeter and i the speed is 15.95.

The power from the battery goes to the wires goes to the lightbulb and goes to the switch and i turn it on and it works

11/15/2011 23:47:06

In my experiment each of the following circulated

* paper clip + wire + battery = reduced speed < 1% then usual
* copper penny +wire + battery =
same results as copper penny

The following did not circulate

* human hand + wire + battery
* dog + wire + battery
* eraser + wire + battery
* pencil lead + wire + battery
* Dollar + wire + battery

The flow of each one of these resistor did not change no matter what the voltage was.

dakota .s
11/15/2011 23:47:38

out of all the items i had to make a circuit i used 4 batteries,1 switch,6 wires,and 1 light bulb.i put them togather and made a circuit

11/16/2011 00:21:36


logan w
11/16/2011 00:22:19

the first one I did with and battery all ristance and it work it wasent that bright though. the second one i did was with wires and a bettery. thats the ones i made.

11/16/2011 00:24:25

my circuit is so awesome that it counts for 2 i had 13 light bulbs wired up to one switch with no resistors it was awesome i had to tweak the battery voltage a little because he light weren't getting enough power so i just added a little pore to to of the battery but the rest were default i had about 30+ wires

Jordan J
11/16/2011 00:30:07

I made a circut with a battery, a resistor, light bulb, and wire, It is giving off a lot of heat. the second one i made has 6 batteries, 2 light bulb, and a switch, so far same results as the first.

Niya M
11/16/2011 00:30:25

The first circuit I made has 2 light bulbs,4 wires,1 switch,and 4 batteries.

Jessie H
11/16/2011 00:31:06

3 Batteries and 2 wires conduck heat.
1 wire 1 batterie and a light bulb preduce light.

Cheyenne G.
11/16/2011 01:24:43

The first energy transformation is 2 papper clips connected to the lightbulb,2 long wires,which is connected to 2 batteries.The second transformation is 1 light bulb, 2 batteries,2 wires,with 1 switch


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