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Reno S.
3/4/2012 22:05:50

when heat touches a frozen lake it melts causing it to turn into liquid, then the liquid goes through Evaporation the melted ice converts into water vapor then goes through Condensation which is then made into Precipitation causing the water to build up in the atmosphere and fall back down to earth as rain, repeating the cycle. .

3/4/2012 22:06:57

I'm a little rain drop,and I'm evaporating and condensing into the atmosphere.Then I just precipitated after being frozen.So now I'm back to evaporating into the sky.The end.

Dez'Janah Harper
3/4/2012 22:07:46

My journey starts off as a the ocean.One day I had got evaporating into the atmosphere. I was there for a while. Then it had gotten really heavy and we started to precipitate onto the ground. We had fell as freezing rain and was stuck to everything.Then we melted and went to the oceans and rivers.Then we started from evaporating all over again.

Kaytlyn T .
3/4/2012 22:12:06

I am a raindrop being evaporated in to the sky now I am a cloud in the atmosphere , this cloud is getting to BIG so now I'm precipitating into the ocean .

Jordan P.
3/4/2012 22:13:45

I am a rain drop I started out in the water then i started to evaporate into a cloud know i'm in the air but then i start to rain down and know i'm in the ground and know i'm back in the water

dakota is mr. reese's fav. student
3/4/2012 22:17:06

As heat hits the ocean the water evaporates then condensates into the atmosphere.As it builds up it falls back to the earths surface(precipitation) it can be forms of snow,hail,or rain.It falls in the ground(this process is called infiltration). then becomes ground water then discharges back into the ocean.

3/4/2012 23:35:18

Im a lil rain drop i fell to the ground last night after the cloud party but then the floor gave in and we all fell know im goin back up thats called condensation then precipitation thats called a water cycle

3/4/2012 23:36:51

hi im water drop jr. i was just siting in the ocean when i herd about the party in the clouds i was all like what is a cloud the the next thing i no i was floating up in the sky the say that called evaporation the i saw all my friends i was at the party in the clouds every water drop was the that is called condensation and then wee all went way up in the sky into the so called atmosphere then we met up again so we all kept partying then the party was over and we all fell back into the ocean that called precipitation. and that's the water cycle

Shianne Pugh
3/4/2012 23:42:18

My life as a drop of water is quite an adventure.
One day, went through this thing called the water cycle. I was afraid at first because i was sitting in the ocean, then all of a sudden i evaporated into thin air!..
After that i found myself in a cloud surrounded by other drops of water i have seen before. They told me i was safe, that this was just something called the "Water Cycle" and that I was lucky to be apart of this.
After a while I started to go through something called Condensation.
It was a process in which I turned from water vapor back into liquid, then I went through the freezing process where I turned to ice.
Then while all the other water drops were melting and going back into the ocean, i went through another thing called Sublimation, where i turned from ice to water vapor. So, i was back up in the cloud when the cloud go too full of all us water drops, it burst. Then I went through Precipitation, where I fell to the ground as rain. And, I found my way back to the ocean..

3/4/2012 23:48:22

my name is ms raindrop i evaporated from my friend mothor nature as i was falling from the sky i saw my buddy mr raindrop as he was being condensation from the sky to the ground i was happy to see him at the end as we both condensation.and then we froze as winter came and then soon after we sumblimated and then we were converted back up to the sky and precipitated.

Jessie H.
3/5/2012 00:10:49

Hiya! I'ma dew drop just hanging out here on this leaf me and my buds are waiting for the sun to come up again. What you don't know about the cycle? Well let me explain, First the sun comes up and the heat from it turns just into steam then once were steam we evaporate into air then we become clouds and then rain to once again become dew drops on flower petals and blades of grass

RaiCharr W. Rayshawna T.
3/5/2012 00:13:51

I started as a Frozen Rain Drop. it was cold . I was frozen inside of a lake then Summer came and i melted into a puddle of water. After that I evaporated into the mist of the sky. Then I was in a cloud and i was having a party and it was to many people so the cloud busted so it was Condensation. Then after that i was turned into precipitation. Next i was turned into Sublimation which made me back at my step 1 a Frozen Rain Drop................................................ THE END!!!!!

3/5/2012 00:17:07

I am a little droplet in the water and suddenly i start to rise up and I'm in the air and I go towards the sky I am going through condensation. Next we are in the cloud and the cloud began to fill up and then we fall from the sky in the process of precipitation we fall from the cloud. Then I land on the ground and I get drained into a lake then I freeze and the process starts all over again. =)) Im Smart

Logan W
3/5/2012 00:28:53

I was a little drop of water in the lake then the sun pop out of the cloud and me and my friend on the way to the cloud I was in the sate of evaporation. Me and my friend`s went i to a cloud and throw a huge party and so many people came the cops came and started to kick every one out they said it was to condensation in there so we all fell in to a lake we froze in the lake in the spring we started to Melting then the cycle started all over again.

Jordan Jones
3/5/2012 00:29:12

i was just a tiny little drop of water, but then i started to evaporate. Must of been because the sun came out, it always that sun. but back to the subject, i turned into a little tiny mist. I flew up into a cloud, there was a big party going on. so i joined, but as i began to dance. i felt my body change, i was turning white. i have turned into a snowflake, but the cloud started to shake. suddenly i fell through the floor, then i knew i was plumiting to the earth. my body was starting to change back into mist, when i hit the ground i turned back into water.

Niya M.
3/5/2012 00:30:26

I am a drop of water having a sweet 16 so now I am going into Evaporation to go to my party so now I am in this cloud where my friends are I am going though Condensation before I get my pedicure at this spa, now me and my friends went through Melting, to us that is sky diving, we are sky diving into the north pole and going through Freezing.

tesha s.
3/5/2012 03:50:29

I am going through the evaporation phase. I can feel myself slowly drift with the wind upward to the clouds. Just this morning I was a tiny water droplet in a puddle that kids splashed through on the way to school.
I join a bunch of other droplets in the clouds. We all bunch around, and pretty soon the clouds are full and ready to spill down onto the earth below. I can hear a rumble, coming from a cloud in the distant.
The clouds spill us out and it's like flying with no parachute. As I near the Earth I can see little kids splashing about in their bright yellow rain boots and coats.
You'd think a fall from the heavens would hurt when you landed, but being surrounded by other water droplets, cushions my fall. We form a huge puddle at the edge of somebody's driveway.
In about an hour I can see the sun, coming back out. In about another hour or so, I'll slowly drift back up and start the cycle all again. Because I'm a water droplet in the water cycle.

3/7/2012 00:12:57

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Trisha W.
3/13/2012 08:51:05

Hey i am a little drop of water and i am going on a journey through the water cycle. Right now i am in the ocean on my way through Evaporation, that's were a brake apart into fog. Then in on my way to condensation were i be formed back in to water way up in the atmosphere that's were i reach precipitation to be moved into a cloud, then i moved right on down which is called RAIN. When i reach the mount i turn into ice cause its really cold which when i reach the ground i melt and reach infiltration then discharge and back into the ocean.


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