Changes in Ecosystems can have both positive and negative effects on the environment.  Human effects such as polluting and habitat destruction can destroy entire ecosystems.  Other factors occurring in nature; such as forest fires and volcanoes effect ecosystems as well. 

Today's assignment:
  1. After reading the "changes in ecosystem" lesson in Study Island you are to select either a natural effect on ecosystems or a human effect on the ecosystem.
  2. Once selected, research a human documented example of this change in an ecosystem.  (for example, If i choose a human effect--->I might look up the gulf oil spill and research the effects this disaster had on the ecosystem.)
  3. List what you selected and write a brief description of the event. (when, where, and what happened)
  4. What wildlife/plants were effected by this.
  5. How was the overall ecosystem changed by this event.
  6. Post answer on this blog