For this week please take a look at the different Climates across Earth.  For your assignment use Google earth to identify a location in each of the climate zones shown above and in Study Island this week.  Using what you see on Google Earth describe what type of landscape and plant life is seen.  Is this location in a grassland, forest, tundra, alpine or desert?  Then explain how its location on earth effects what the landscape looks like.

Download Google Earth

Please post your answers on the blog site this week.  A successful post will include the following:

  1. Three location from three different climate zones
  2. A description of each landscape and what type of biome is there
  3. A brief sentences about why each location has the climate it does.

OH Grade 7, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences 8
Describe how temperature and precipitation determine climatic zones (biomes) (e.g., desert, grasslands, forests, tundra and alpine)