Humans depend on energy for many activities every day. There are many different ways of obtaining, transforming, and distributing this energy, each of which has different environmental consequences.

Assignment...answer the following in the comment section...
  1. Select an energy source (renewable or nonrenewable) and make a case or argue why it is the best source of energy for people to use.  Include at least five facts about the energy source (for example, location, how abundant it is, is it renewable/nonrenewable, cost, and so on...). 
  2. Include at least one professional source other than study island with your Wikipedia this time, fine a credible website dedicated to your energy source....copy and paste the web address in your post.
In Class assignment for this post.
Today you are to investigate one current news event.  For this you can either read an article from an online newspaper (links are below) or watch a video from a network news station.

Steps to complete your assignment:
  1. Find an article
  2. Read or watch the story
  3. Summarize the story in 5-7 sentences
  4. Write a 2 sentence response to your summary.  Include your reaction to reading the article. (this should be what you think...opinion!)
  5. Post your article on the comment section of this blog post and include the link to your article or video.
Newspaper links:
Matter can undergo physical and chemical changes. When a physical change occurs, a substance changes without altering its composition. When a chemical change occurs, a substance has chemically reacted to form one or more different substances.

  1. Complete the Changes Online LAB  (click on lab to use the link then click on run module)
  2. Post in the comment section 3 examples of Physical Changes AND 3 examples of Chemical Changes
  3. Explain the Law of Conservation of Matter (can be found on page 2 of study island lesson)