Matter on Earth is generally found in one of three different states: solid, liquid, or gas. Another common state of matter that is much more rare on earth is plasma. The state of matter that a substance has depends on the arrangement of the particles, the attractions between particles, and the amount of energy the particles possess.
Assignment...Only 1 question this week, be complete and detailed.

1.  Using water as an example, in one paragraph describe and list the three phases of matter that water exhibits, how it changes from one phase to the other and whether or not the mass of the matter changes as it goes from phase to phase. 
This week you are to take a closer look at rocks and minerals. For your assignment complete the following:
  1. Compare and contrast Rocks and Minerals...Include 5 Characteristics specific to rocks, 5 Characteristics specific to Minerals and 5 common characteristics of both. (10 points)
  2. List 5 examples of Rocks...Include the name and a brief description (2.5 points)
  3. List 5 examples of Minerals...Include the name and a brief description (2.5 points)

This should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete...please organize your blog post into 3 sections for each part of the assignment.
The above map is an image of the current weather in the United States...Using the information in Study Island, post a paragraph describing the current weather patterns in the US. (information for this can be found on page 3 of the lesson)

You must include the following in your response...
  • Describe what the H stands for and where (use state names) they are located on the map. (2.5 points)
  • Describe what the L stands for and where (use state names) they are located on the map. (2.5 points)
  • Tell what type of fronts are on the map and where they are located (2.5 points)
  • If there is any precipitation on the map, describe where and what it is. (2.5 points)
  • This post should be at least 5 sentences long (2.5 points) and written like a weather forecast that would appear on TV. (2.5 points)
A quality post will be detailed and should take 20-30 minutes to complete.