Use the video above and information from Study Island to create your Journal Entry this week.  Remember to include at least five sentences and to base your entry on facts.

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_Information for this section will be found under 8th grade science in Study Island.
_Assignment....Complete the following questions in complete sentences and post them in the comment section of this blog.

1.  What does the following statement describe..."planets → solar system → galaxy → universe".  (5 points)

2.  Name three of the types of galaxies listed on page two of the study island lesson and also list the name of our galaxy. (5 points)

3.  Name three different tools scientists use to study the Universe (3 points)

4.  Research and list two American Astronomers and describe what they discovered or are famous for. (2 points)


OH Grade 6-8, Science Standard Earth and Space Sciences B
Explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter, most of which is at incomprehensible distances and held together by gravitational force. Describe how the universe is studied by the use of equipment such as telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft.