As we begin to look at the Moon, Earth's largest satellite, stayed tuned to this blog post for all of our class activities, websites to learn more, videos, and to submit any questions.  All question for either Mr. Reese or your classmates (on this topic) should be submitted in the comment section of this post.  --Mr. Reese

Assignment - T0 be completed over the next month

Charting the Moon...Direction are bellow
  1. Each night observe the night sky and look for the moon.
  2. Click on Charting the Moon (this).  
  3. Record you observation in the document provide on the above Link

Web Links (resources)
Current phase of the moon

Earth and Space Science (Grade 7 Next Gen Standard)
  1. The relative patterns of motion and positions of the Earth, moon and sun causes solar and lunar eclipses, tides and phases of the moon

  • The moon’s orbit and its change of position relative to the Earth and sun result in different parts of the moon being visible from Earth.

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