After watching the video above and learning about the hardships of living in the original colonies of America, why would people have wanted to move to America in the first place?  In this Journal Entry you are to write a letter.  Please pretend you moved from England and are now living in one the original US 13 colonies.  Address this letter to Mr. Reese and tell me about the following points...

1.  How was the journey to America (how did you get there)?
2. What region are you living in?
3. Why did you decide to go to America in the first place?
4. Have you run into other groups of people (Native Americans, Spaniards, etc)?
5. Any other facts about life there.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Good luck,

Mr. Reese

OH Grade 8, Social Studies Standard History 2
Describe the political, religious and economic aspects of North American colonization including:
  1. Reasons for colonization, including religion, desire for land and economic opportunity;
  2. Key differences among the Spanish, French and British colonies;
  3. Interactions between American Indians and European settlers, including the agricultural and cultural exchanges, alliances and conflicts;
  4. Indentured servitude and the introduction and institutionalization of slavery;
  5. Early representative governments and democratic practices that emerged, including town meetings and colonial assemblies;
  6. Conflicts among colonial powers for control of North America.



Izzy S
09/07/2011 11:10

Dear Mr . Reese ,

My trip to America was not fun , and very hard and scary to get here . I took a boat here and I walked a lot . I am living in the Mi8dwest region right now . I'm going to be moving to the Northwest region though . I decided to come to America in the first place because we have freedoms here and it is a way better place for living . I have run into many groups of Spaniards , and a few of Native Americans .

david b
09/07/2011 11:40

the journy to america was good. virgiona is where i am living. my familey want to see new land an dreams. we also ran into native americans they tought my father to make corn with fish.
there is alot of animals and we made friends with the indians.

matthew p.
09/07/2011 11:49

1997-I was born.
1998-I had gotten a sister.
2001-I went to ceder point for the first time in my life.
2004-I went to Florida with my family.
2007-I had to go to the hospital for my sister because she was sick.
2010-I went to a lake.

Kala B.
09/07/2011 14:42

When we can to America in our Journey their we came in big ships but with small vessels.The region that we are living in is Massachusetts,we decided to come to America to run flee religious purposes,and Poverty.While we were there we saw Native Americans but we didn't like each other,they were trying to kill us an we were trying to kill them.

Max D
09/08/2011 09:28

The journey to America was cramped,and unsafe. We landed on Massachusetts. I came to America for religos and political freedom. I have not seen any others on this land but us but i here of Native Americans living on this land. Life here is tuff we have to fight to survive evryday and more and more are dieing from illness.

Cody N
09/08/2011 11:52

The journey to America was very unsafe. we eat maybe once every two day, barely any food. We ended up in rhode island in place called jamestown. I decided to come to America for freedom and to start a new life. after getting settled into are to place we ran into a native america tribe called Wampanoags. they didnt like us invading there territory so they started a huge battle. but living here is hard trying to find food fighting off diseases.

Jordan B.
09/08/2011 12:40

Dear Mr Reese,
My journey to America was very hard.We got there on crouded vessels, with moldy soaking wet floors. We ate moldy bread and drank water with god knows what floating in it. When we got to shore, we had to walk and drag all of our supplies, to virgina thats where i'm living know. The reason I came to America was that I thought life would be better.... but was I wrong. There are Native Americans here. We try to make friends with them, But they try and hurt us, steal our food and drive us out of the land. Life is ok now, but still very hard. We have many differnt crops such as corn, beans, potatoes, lettuce, and wheat. We hunt wild animals, like deer, rabbits, and turkeys. Life will get better.

Sincerly, your friend, Jordan B.

Tanaya D.
09/09/2011 10:39

The adventure to America on ship
was dangerous and very tireing.Along they way i ran into Spaniards.They tried to kill me but i got away.The region i am living in is Massachusetts.I came to America because of freedom and good jobs.

Emma S
09/10/2011 08:19

Dear Mr. Reese,
Right now I am transferring to the Northwest regions. It is really hard to get there because we're running out of food,water and supplies. The animals died of lost of food and disease. But the best thing is of all the sights and all the beautiful land. When we finally got there I didn't expect there were Native Americans. They were a mighty find group. I asked my mom if I could make acquaintances or friends but she said no. She says they are very dangerous. So I obeyed her but I never forget that day. Mr. Reese this is an adventure, an experience and I had use some my diligence to succeed.

Emma S

Tricia B.
09/10/2011 17:43

Dear Mr. Reese,

I came from England on a very crowded boat. I am living in Georgia. I came to America for a better way of life. On my journey I have met many different immigrants. Now that my journey is complete I have a better life.



Josh T.
09/12/2011 08:45

Dear whom it concerns,
The journey to america was horrible, long, and discusting. We arrived upon a small wooden vessel. After we got there, my family and I settled in Virgina with the many other colonists on the boat with us. The whole reason we decided to come here in the first place was for better opritunities. But there's not many. We have encountered many other groups of people, mainly Native Americans, they weren't happy with us taking their land. America is dangerous, come at your own risk.
Sincerly, Josh T

Marissa T
09/13/2011 11:19

Dear Mr. Reese,
My journey to America was not the greatest, But I am still happy I made it. We traveled by boat.
the region that I am living in is Virginia. My family, and I decided to travel to Virginia because, of better living conditions, or so we thought. Living here in Virginia, we've run into Spaniards. The water is beautiful. But, the our food, usually tastes disgusting. The trees go on forever. Farther than any of us knows. The sand is every where! The wind is very strong there too, the water also tastes like salt.
Marissa T.

Blake S
09/15/2011 12:09

Mr. Reese,
My journey to American was not good, it was ugly, smelly, and crowded. We traveled here on a small, dirty boat.
The region im living in is Virginia because of the scenery. It's beautiful and i don't mind the food or the water. And we're run into alot of indians.

knight L.
09/19/2011 09:42

When we can to America in our Journey their we came in big ships but with small vessels.The water is beautiful. But, the our food, usually tastes disgusting. The trees go on forever. Farther than any of us knows. The sand is every where! The wind is very strong there too, the water also tastes like salt.

09/19/2011 10:48

My journey to America was not good at all,My parents got sick they were dieing we had 2 stop the ship and go 2 a doctors my sister was born under the ship we were realyy low on food. We ran in to indians.They stole some of my food my dad got really mad but he could not do any thing.

09/21/2011 07:34

The way i got to America is by boat,the boat was filled with lots of people who want to go to America also. The reason I wanted to come to America is because I wanted to explore a new place and star over on life. When I got there it was just a bunch of trees and I also met people there like Native Americans and I saw the Indians too. Life there was hard at first but we made living there a safe place and made a new community.

Nathan L.
09/28/2011 10:59

It was bad for them because they had to eat spoiled food and drinking water with animals in it. There were native Americans on the island that feared the people that came to the island.

Tyler M
09/29/2011 09:12

On my way to America was very long it took us 5 months to gt there from France. During the jorney to America was unsafe,there was lots of storms and sickneses on the ship.The reason why Idesided to come to America was so could practise my own calture instaid of listing to the king of France.finaly were here, when we got to America I seen lot of diffrent caltures like native american and african americans. When we finaly settled in we started looking for jobs to pay for our house.

kayla l
10/21/2011 09:53

dear Mr.Reese
my journey to america was not the best. the boat was cramped, and the food was spoiled and salty. the water had living creatures in it. i decide to move to america because of religous freedom we have ran into native americans, at first they treated us like enimies then became friends. the people who were coming over know that 1/2 was going to die due to not being vaccinated.


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