Changes in Ecosystems can have both positive and negative effects on the environment.  Human effects such as polluting and habitat destruction can destroy entire ecosystems.  Other factors occurring in nature; such as forest fires and volcanoes effect ecosystems as well. 

Today's assignment:
  1. After reading the "changes in ecosystem" lesson in Study Island you are to select either a natural effect on ecosystems or a human effect on the ecosystem.
  2. Once selected, research a human documented example of this change in an ecosystem.  (for example, If i choose a human effect--->I might look up the gulf oil spill and research the effects this disaster had on the ecosystem.)
  3. List what you selected and write a brief description of the event. (when, where, and what happened)
  4. What wildlife/plants were effected by this.
  5. How was the overall ecosystem changed by this event.
  6. Post answer on this blog



Ricky D
10/24/2011 9:26am

Wildfire caused severe damage in California,September 5,2008.Wildfire kills 23 individiuals.The fires broke out after three years of below-normal rainfall dehydrated much of California's forests and woodlands, making them prone to wildfires.Deer had to move to another ecosystem.After the wildfire,the trees had to regrow, witch took years.

Jordan P.
10/24/2011 9:28am

The acid rain problem is growing rapidly in Asia it has tripled since 1990 by 2011. Even in more developed countries they still have problems controlling the acid rain. There has been much damage but people still question in regards to how much damage has been caused to the forest,rivers and lakes. Acid rain still continues to effect the ecosystem.

Kaytlyn T
10/24/2011 9:30am

The MT Hebei Spirit oil spill happen on December 7 2007 in south Korea, a crane owned by Samsung Heavy Industries being towed by a tug collided with the anchored Hong Kong registered crude carrier Hebei Spirit , carrying 260,000 tonnes of crude oil.This happen near the port of Daesan on the Yellow Sea coast of Taean County. The barge was floating free after the cable linking it to the tug snapped in the seas.The collision punctured three of the five tanks aboard the Hebei Spirit and resulted in the leaking 10,800 tonnes of oil.The oil spill destroyed beaches, coating birds and oysters with oil and driving away tourists with its stench. Seven thousand people tried to clean up 12 miles of oil-coated coast.
I used and Polywell Nuclear Fusion.

10/24/2011 9:30am

A Natural Effect on the Ecosystems is Acid Rain. New England lakes has been effected by acid rain once well 5% of it has been effected on acid rains in Manchester,England,Though acidic rain was discovered in 1852,the four other plants thats been effected is the Newington, Mount Tom, Brayton Point, and Salem Harbor and the wildlife it has affected is the new englands forests

Sierra J
10/24/2011 9:32am

Greenpoint oil spill in Brooklyn, New York City, New York US 1940 – 1950's . There was 55,000 – 97,000 tons of crude oil spilled, 400 – 710 thousand barrels, and 17 – 30 million US gallons. On September 1978 a helicopter on a routine patrol discovered a river of oil flowing into the creek. A subsequent study revealed a large-scale oil contamination and a volume more than 17 million US gallons spilled. The spill effected plant life and marine life.

dakota .s
10/24/2011 9:32am

wild fires- wild fires are created by humans and nature.wild fires can be caused by humans not properly puting out there camp fires or cigerates,nature for example lightning can strike dry brush or dry fields and the trees will burn away and trees help provide oxygen.

Kaitlyn C,
10/24/2011 10:25am

Im Am Doing My Lesson On the Oil Spill That Happend In Gulf Of Mexico

(Where..) Where Did It Happend In the Gulf Of New Mexico.
(When..)When did . it happend . In The Gulf Of New Mexico . There Was a oil Spill On 3-20-11 .
(WhatHappend..) The was a oil spill of 4.9 million barrels of oil in the gulf of new mexico . and if the oil sits too long. it can harm peopl. and things .
and the cost grads moved 20 miles nourth from the bp deep waterr site. and more ..

Autumn S.
10/24/2011 10:25am

Forest Fire's happen in California and in New Mexico because it don't rain a lot down there so it get real dry and cause forest fires and they destroy tree's and stuff and probably some houses and animals.It don't justed happen in California and New Mexico it happens in other places too.Every year California has a forest fire.The forest fire in California last about three days.More than 800 firefighters were working on the fire that started when a propane tank on a recreational vehicle exploded, fire officials said. The fire is 35% contained.The California wild fire grows to 4,755 acres.San Diego had an wild fire on October 1 ,2011 at 9:00pm but it started On September 30,2011 at 2:33pm.It was in San Diego County.They called it San Diego lighting fires.It was 56 acres burned and it was 3 helicopters.The Chihuahua Fire, off of Chihuahua Valley Road near the community of Sunshine Summit, is now 100% contained at 40 acres.It was 4 fires - 56 acres - 100% contained.

10/24/2011 10:27am

I research 20 Largest California Wildland Fires and i got ceder witch was caused by a human the date was october 2003 in san diego 273,248 acres and the structures was 2,820 and the death was 15

Logan W
10/24/2011 11:20am

I choose the latest earthquake and tsunami in Japan effected the ecosystem there cause millions trees were washed out to sea and there were over 230,000 deaths of people and animals dround because of it this and japan was pushed towards Asia when the water retreated it took oil and gas out to sea this effected the pacific ocean a lot.

were information was from

Jordan J
10/24/2011 11:25am

on the 11th of march, a Tsunami had hit Japan. The
Tsunami hit japan, causing Japan to be flooded.
Japan had lost everything, the Tsunami had
caused so much disaster. family members had
died, electric had been damaged. many
animals had died, trees had been knocked
down. everything was ruined, houses were gone.

thomas mack swoope
10/24/2011 11:28am

When the tsunami gits the ground it begins to slow and grows. Just like other water waves, tsunamis begin to lose energy as they rush on the ground. Capable of or flooding.

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves When the tsunami gits the ground it begins to slow and grows. Just like other water waves, tsunamis begin to lose energy as they rush on the ground. Capable of or flooding.

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves

Emily Hartman
10/24/2011 11:33am

Forest Fires~Yellow Stone
A fire took place in Yellow Stone In 1988
The Fire burned down 793,880 acres.

It hurts the forest Ecosystem because it burns down Animals houses makes them move somewhere else.Today we know that fire exclusion causes thick vegetation & large amounts of dead materials.If it falls on the floor then it would be easier for forest fires to start & they'ed be more high & harder to put out!

Cheyenne G.
10/25/2011 3:26pm

I will be doing mines on human effects.I am doing it on gas prices and the only reason why i do , do that is beacause i always heard one of my family members talking about the gas prices and how they could hardly go places.

jevon C
10/25/2011 3:55pm

Natural Environmental Impact.The turkey earthquake happened on 10/24/11 it was a 7.2 earth quake that killed hundreds of people.Some people a still being destroyes plants the surrounding area as aresult shortage of oxygen access,and destroy home of animal habitats. It may also pollution of air if raising ashes in the form of volcano and it uproots trees and causes landslides.

Sierra J
10/25/2011 11:21pm

Change in Ecosystems
In the lesson "Change in Ecosystems" I learned that biodiversity of an ecosystem are the differences among living organisms in the ecosystem. Another thing is that particles (ash and dust) lower Earth's temperature. I also found out that fires can help plants grow because they return nutrients that were in the plants soil. Fires can also destroy vegetation. I also learned about primary and secondary succession. Primary succession is when succession begins in a new, unoccupied where there is no soil. Secondary succession is when there is a disturbance in an area but there is soil present after the disturbance.

10/26/2011 9:06am

Brush fire
yucaipa los angeles
2:18 pm

the fire burned 75 to 100 acrees of land.there was so much fire they had to close the highway.there were no structures threatened. firefighters had to be aided in a helicopter. no one was killed in this fire. the plants that were effected were grass, trees, and air because they all were polluted and burned because of this fire.this really has no effect on the ecosystem because it was just hiking area. well it does because people cant hike in that area anymore.

10/27/2011 2:03pm

Tesha S.
10/27/2011 2:14pm

Overfishing is a really big problem for the United States. This is a problem because we are taking away the food source for a lot of animals. If we keep overfishing the population of those animals will slowly decrease; and eventually become extinct. This happens about everyday in the United States. The only way will be able to stop this problem is if we start breeding different types of fish in fisheries. That way we'll still be able eat fish but we won't be taking it away from other consumers.

Wesley G.
11/03/2011 6:41pm

A trio of fast moving wildfires threatened nearly 200 homes in western Montana on Monday not sure which year, but the flames were not expected to stop thousands of people from coming to the area for a quirky food festival

thomas swoope
02/29/2012 10:34am

At Chardon High School a student was found in Monday's early morning shooting is brain dead Russell King Jr., 17, was a junior who studied technologies for alternative energies. Daniel Parmertor died hours died Three other students, Nickolas Wajczak, 17, Demetrius Hewlin and Joy Rickers, 18, were in the hospital


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